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I have a beagle basset hybrid mix...?

And I've heard they aren't trainable. I've heard all dogs are trainable with enough persistence. But my question is how hard are they to train? (Ex. House break, guard and be tolerant of young children.)

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    10 years ago
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    two animals of different SPECIES...make a hybrid

    Two dogs of a different BREED...make a MUTT..not a hybrid

    Mutts are all different, there are no specific behaviors or characterizations for a mutt

  • Lizzie
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    10 years ago

    Learn clicker training and you can teach a dog to do anything it is capable of doing. Breeds once considered nearly untrainable do especially well with clicker training.

    Check out the kikopup videos on youtube and more at I have seen dangerous animals clicker trained to tolerate painful but necessary medical procedures, an aquarium (pet) fish taught to swim through a hoop on cue, a horse taught as a guide dog, a cat that ran a miniature agility course and more, all with clickers.

    Note: You can teach the dog to bark on cue but the Basset hound and the Beagle are NOT guard dog breeds. Young children should never be left alone with any dog for any reason, and should always be closely monitored around pets. Children can unknowingly cause great pain to a dog.

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