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If I breed a pokemon with ditto, will the gender of the offspring always be the same as the other pokemon?

I have a male treecko, and if i breed it with a ditto, will the offspring treecko always be male? Thanks

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    no the gender of the offspring is determined by the natural in-game ratio of the pokemon being bred. most ratios are either 3(male):1(female) or half and half

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    Nope, say for instance; today I decided to breed my Gallade today in hopes of a female Ralts. After a bit of walking the usual routine I pick up the egg hatch it in Pallet Town. And boom female Ralts. Also, Bulbapedia can tell you the percentages of the gender. For Treecko it'll most likely be male. As all starters are almost always male.:3

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    no it wont always be male but you get the same pokemon in its first stage and their are some exceptions like breeding a snorlax with a lax incense will give you a munchlax

    hope i helped :)

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