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is it possible to deflect bullets with a sword?

I want to know if this is really possible (in real time) the way the ninjas do it. If there was a drive by would I be able to deflect the bullets? (I have super fast agility)...maybe even SUPERHUMAN...but I dont like lables :P

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    Uh, well no. Mythbusters did a special on this though, and a samurai sword is strong enough to split a bullet in half, which is basically deflecting it. Though it took them many many tries with like braces and mounts and stuff, so to do this yourself would be impossible.

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    Yes and no. For the yes part, i's certainly possible according to the laws of physics. If you put a sword in the path of a bullet the sword will most likely deflect the bullet. In fact I've seen high speed camera footage a bullet fired at the edge of a Japanese sword being cut in half, and the blade suffering only a small nick. Of course, it would have to be a hand gun sized bullet. Not a .50 cal or anything stupid like that. But for the no part, it's statistically unlikely that an human would be able to move a sword into the path of a bullet in time to stop it. Even if the person knew when and where the gun was going to be fired Humans just aren't fast enough to react to it. I've seen people stopping arrows with a sword. That's certainly possible. But bullets? If the person managed to do it it would be through pure chance rather than skill.

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    Bullets travel over 1200 feet per second...that's about 50 times faster than you can blink...so even if you can swing a sword in the blink of an eye, you don't stand a chance...you would do better to use a garbage can lid to try and deflect a bullet lol. Any deflection from the sword would be pure luck and you would not be able to do it again :P sorry.

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    It is theoretically possible, but the blade WILL take damage and fail after enough hits. That's all moot though as you could never consistently deflect bullets coming at you. The best you could ever hope for if you're VERY lucky is to deflect a single shot fired straight at a ready blade, otherwise you're getting tagged.

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    You can deflect bullets with a katana, but not in real time. As a matter of fact this idea was on stan lee's superhumans, and I'm betting that's where you're going

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    yes but not far enough to not be hit by the pieces of the bullet...oh and you sorta have to already have the sword in the way of the bullet's path before the gun fires

    so it can work if you already have a bullet proof vest... but at that point you are just messing up your sword and risking your neck sticking around to fight him

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    If the sword is big enough to cover your whole body like a shield, sure. By the way, there were no bullets when ninjas existed, i feudal japan.

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    Just want you to know.

    What you seen in movies are just a fantastical and choreograph moves, such are being exaggerated for them to attract its viewers as part of entertainment.

    As advise.

    Your idea is not a safe one, just run hoping that the bullet can't hit or chase you.

    Good luck


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    yes they do have videos on youtube of then splitting them. But what you're thinking of is completely different. There has been no sword made out of a material to cause a bullet to bounce back at the person.

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    Hey there

    Do you have any idea how fast a bullet generally travels when the trigger is pulled ? !! if you did, you would not ask this.

    You can't block what you cannot see coming at that speed.

    Kind regards


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