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What is the name of the song on MTV's 16 & pregnant episode "Jamie"?

Its the song at the very end of the episode. It starts playing when Jamie is talking to her ex. If you know the name of the artist or song tell me please. Thanks.

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    Thomas Jefferson Airplane ‘Over There’

    Also featured -

    Cannoneers ‘Shake the Law’

    Ryan Calhoun ‘Someday’

    Mexico City ‘Ghetto’

    National Skyline ‘For Everything’

    Jamie Candiloro ‘Cloud and Ash’

    The Good Luck Joes ‘Middle of Me’

    Seagull ‘Trucks Are Sheep’

    Cheyenne Marie Mize ‘Path’

    Ned Collette + Wirewalker ‘Polly Angel’

    Jakob ‘Ryan’

    The Sky Life ‘Time Alone’

    Thom Flowers ‘Mae Piano’

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