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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

I need help with some social studies, it's canadian history i think?

Hi, i really need some help with my socila studies, my class was told to find the answers online but i can't. I haven't looked for all of the answers but i will put them down just in case i can't find them.

1. Briefly describe the conditions for immigrant canadians and native people in the mid 1900's.

2.What are typical Victorian attitiudes and values of the time period.(im not sure if u can find that one online)

3.descibe the scientific developments and medical conditions found in the 19th century.

4.who was Emily Stowe and what was her contributation to canadian socity? did leisure, travel, and technology change for victorian canadians?

6.what obstacles and attitudes stood in the way of Canadian federation?how did canadians and the british view the idea of Responsible government in a diffrent way? what was the result?

7. explain the advantages of confederation. what were canadian politics like then?

8. what special deals and compromises had to be made in order to achieve confederation? what ways was the BNA act diffrent that of the american constitution? what groups of canadians were not represented at the conferences? what hopes did they have for the future?

10. list and describe any 10 diffrent powers of the federal and provincal government.

Please answer what you know and can find but make sure when you answer put the number beside it that is beside the right question.

P.S i need this for tomorrow i think

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  • Eddi
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    1 decade ago
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    To answer all of these questions in the short space alloted to Yahoo answers is an impossibility. I also do not believe in doing homework for people here, but what I can do is guide you to answer one of these questions which is quite difficult:

    What are typical Victorian attitiudes and values of the time period.

    First of all, the period which were are speaking of is roughly 1840 - 1900 corresponding with the reign of Queen Victoria. In English speaking nations including the United States, and nations of the British Commonwealth , the Victorian era is used for this period.

    When we speak of which "classes" were affected by this attitude, it could be described as roughly corresponding to what we think of as the "middle' and "upper" classes of Canada, the UK, and the United States today. Class consciousness was much stronger back then than it is today. People who did hard toil for a living, whether on farms or factories, recent immigrants, and anyone who had to spend each day making sure that they would not starve to death did not have much time for "proper attitudes". So for all intensive purposes, we limit ourselves here to the roughly 15% of the population in 1840 to 30% of the population in 1900 in the USA, UK, and Canada, on average, which could be described as "concerned with manners". This number would continue to increase in the 20th century as more and more people increased their standard of living and saw themselves as potentially upwardly mobile.

    Victorian attitudes could be best described as being somewhat hypocritical. What was very important was to be extremely conservative and "proper" in public. Any discussion of sex was frowned upon. Sex was something never ever talked about in polite company except in extreme euphemisms. However, back then, in major cities, the number of bordellos and people who functioned as prostitutes far outnumbered what we would see today. In fact, in higher social circles, it was considered quite common for married people to conduct relatively open affairs with people whom they were not married too; attitudes toughened up considerably in the 20th century.

    Racism played a strong part in attitudes back then, however, Queen Victoria herself discouraged this and made sure to include people from her Indian Empire at official events and as her high ranking personal servants.

    I will give you a link to read for more information but must stop now -- my answer is long enough for custom here, and like a true Victorian, I would never want to stick out and appear to be boastful by giving you a super-long answer.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    the british north american actwas a act the created many provinces entering confederation

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