Why the hell did Fox cancel so many good shows this year?

Lie to Me, Human Target, and Breaking In were cancelled.. why? Their ratings weren't that bad! How do they decide what to keep and what to cut?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Fox has a retard running it's programming dept. they have canceled many great shows over the years Firefly, John Doe, Drive, Family guy, The Lone Gunmen, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the Tick, Arrested Development, and Futurama (the Cape needed work but it started strong. Summer Glau may be the grim reaper of good TV canceled prematurely The Cape, the 4400, Firefly Terminator and some things I didn't get into Dollhouse and The Unit. When she showed up on Chuck I was like oh ****. I believe it all really started with Firefly and John Doe both were back to back on a Friday night; even though some good shows were cancelled on fox prior these two at the same time sent a message "If your show is good we will cancel it". Seriously even though these show are way better than others they had to start in a death slot (because people go out on the weekends). Fringe thank God is hanging in there but only because it attracted a fan base before it got moved from its crappy time slot. Meanwhile the by comparison piece of garbage Cleveland show is allowed to live. The only reason anyone watches that show is because it’s in the lineup and has ZERO competition. People would tune into family guy Simpsons American dad and the new bobs burgers no matter where they are on TV but if that POS show was on Saturdays (where it would still have no competition) nobody would watch it. Moreover the existence of Cleveland show hurts Family Guy because he was a good secondary character. I' sure a show would have spun off from the Simpsons if Matt Groening was an idiot. Now I am not saying that Seth McFarlin is, but his two original shows were original ideas (like Futurama and Simpsons) not a spin off of the same one. First off Breaking In. Breaking In was great but there may have been too much talent in on place Christian Slater, Brett Harrison, and Michael Rosenbaum (all seasoned actors) it probably didn't justify funding. Also it seams that if a show has Christian Slater, who l love, it's doomed (The forgotten, and My Own Worst Enemy).Human target was a nice mixed program it was easy enough to follow that you could just watch a single episode and get in and be hooked while having nice continuous storyline and character development mix in. This show had the added bonus of being based on a comic series but being live action made it approachable to people not thrilled with the idea of adult cartoons. Finally Lie to me I really enjoyed the show in its first two seasons, but honestly their recent episodes have been pretty repetitive. When will Fox and other networks realize that a cheaper and better way for them to get ratings is via Hulu or another site? The BOX only allows data entry for live shows people have lives. We want TV scheduled around us as individuals not as a populous. Prime time is an antiquated idea when people can tailor whatever time is prime for themselves.

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