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What is the name of the Bird that mimics the melody from music of Antiques Road Show?

I'd only hear the song of that particular bird during the very early morning while I lay haft asleep in bed with the window open before I when to work. The song fluttered like a baroque or Renaissance song. On the weekend, I went to visit my elderly parents and while we sat together we heard that same bird. To me, that birds melody is the most beautiful song I would wish to play over again for my Mother to listen to. Would anyone know the Bird who sings that song?

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    Your question was very interesting to read. The music from 'The Antiques Roadshow' is taken from a suite of music by the Italian composer Ottorini Respighi entitled 'The Birds' ('Gli uccelli' in Italian). The music in each movement is an arrangement of a piece from an earlier composer and is supposed to represent a bird and so it is interesting to learn that the composers obviously did a good job in imitating the birds in the titles. Here is some more detailed information:

    1st movement - Prelude (based on music of Bernardo Pasquini). Acts as a foretaste of later music, bits of hen and cuckoo thrown in)

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    2nd movement - La colomba (The dove)(based on music of Jacques de Gallot)(at 2:50)

    3rd movement - La gallina (The hen)(based on music of Jean-Philippe Rameau)(at 7:12)

    4th movement - L’usignuolo (The nightingale)(based on the anonymous 17th-century folksong 'Engels Nachtegaeltje' transcribed by Jacob van Eyck)

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    5th movement - Il cucù (The cuckoo)(based on music of Pasquini)(at 3:49)

    I hope this answers your question.

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    I have watched it for years. I'm waiting for the new series to begin in the Autumn. I went to it when it came to our town. I watch Flog It, too. I went to one of the auctions where they were selling the items. I'm a bit of an antique myself so perhaps that's the attraction! And, YES, I do guess at the valuations.

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