how do i shrink my legs and butt?

i am 5'6 125 pounds and im a very active girl , i play sports and work out. i naturally have a large butt and bigger thighs because of how athletic i am but my mom is also the same. i am disproportionate because i have a tiny stomach and upper body, what can i do to maybe shrink or lose inches from my thighs or butt so that when i put on a pair of jeans they dont fit perfectly in the *** but i can fit another person in the waist..... urgh please help!

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  • 10 years ago
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    I just read research in maybe JAMA, a summary of a study that showed ladies with well developed lower torsos, like thighs and butts are likely to live longer and have a better lifestyle. Compare your well groundedness with those older women you see with skinny legs of pure flab that can barely hold up their little bodies. Maybe, they are thin, but this is not good for walking and bone integrity. You want an answer when, in fact, your genetics and activities have played a part in your development. As I see it, you are in good shape. If clothing doesn't fit, no problem, sew your own. That's what I do. You can get a larger pair and get it tailored to the waist. Bellieve me, it is simple to sew a pair, adding in the fabric where needed. I have a tailor's curve ruler, and add for thighs and tummy. No waistband, no pockets, and zipper in back, no fly front. I can make jeans, but too much work, so just make denim pants. Be what you are, just dress for your shape. So, if your top is smaller, figure a way to accentuate it, as for example wider shoulders. Why should you change when you are perfect?

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