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Prove the trig identity: cot(theta)sec(theta)sin(theta) = 1?

please help

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    LHS = cot(θ)sec(θ)sin(θ)

    = cos(θ)/sin(θ) * 1/cos(θ) * sin(θ)

    = 1

    = RHS

    I hope this helps!

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    a million+tan^2 (x) = sec^2 (x) write tan in terms of sin/cos and set undemanding denominator cos^2 x/cos^2 x + sin^2 x/cos^2 x = sec^2 x upload fractions (cos^2 x+ sin^2 x)/cos^2 x = sec^2 x use sin^2 + cos ^2 identity a million/cos^2 x = sec^2 x definition of sec sec^2 x = sec^2 x

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    Quotient Identities:


    Multiply the cotangent and secant's identities to find:


    Now multiply sine's identity by the product to cancel out the sines.



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