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I need help learning how to french braid my own hair?

So first of all, I know HOW to french braid, but all of the braids don't look even. Second, I look nice with my hair french braided, but I can only get it like that when I have a field hockey tournament cause thats the only place where I can find my friend that knows how to, therefore, I need to learn how to french braid my own hair. Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks!

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    Step 1: First you make sure your hair is brushed through with no tangles.

    Step 2: Next divide three small sections of hair at the top of your head just as you would a regular braid. Hold the left piece in the left hand, and the middle and right in the right hand.

    Step 3: Cross the left piece over the middle piece, and then the right piece over the middle piece. Again, just like a normal braid.

    Step 4: This is where french braiding comes in. Take the left piece and place it over the middle and hold it with your thumb, then take a small piece of hair from the side of your head and join it to the left piece.

    Step 5: Do the same for the right side of the braid, joining a piece from the right side of the head into the main french braid.

    Step 6: Continue this pattern until you have no more hair from either side of the head.

    Step 7: Braid the remaining hair as a regular braid and tie off the end with a hairband.

    On yourself or someone else:

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    Look up some videos on YouTube, and practice on someone else. Once you French braid other people's hair perfectly, you might be able to do your own hair. Trust me, I had the same problem and I just practiced and it made me really good! So good luck and keep practicing until you get it right! :)

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    just French braid single

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    Speaking French & Loving German Culture!

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    There's a bubzbeauty hair tutorial for it!

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    look it up on youtube:) good luck!!

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