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Nicest Coastal City in Northern France?

Going to the netherlands in July with several couples, we want to visit somewhere to do some sight seeing, walk along the coast and go clubbing before hitting up amsterdam! What is the best city in northern france to do these things?

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    Depends how far you are ready to travel from the Belgium border

    1. Deauville/Trouville are nice but a bit far and full of tourists in July

    2. closer to the border I would recommend Le Treport and Dieppe

    3. if you have time and can travel further don't miss Le Mont Saint Michel island - no clubbing, but the best hikes ever in the bay while the tide is away (take a guide if you don't want to drown there - walking in a quicksand - just a bit - don't worry is just awesome!), in addition - gorgeous medieval island, top restaurants, beautiful landscapes

    Have a nice trip!

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    Well, for walking along the coast I would suggest Deauville

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