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Whats been happening in smallville upto., right before the series finale?

Can someone tell me what happened with

Lois, Lana, Chloe and Lex...oh and Kara?

I haven't watched regularly since season 4...... it used to be my favorite show.


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    Lois: spent some time as Martha's Chief of Staff in 5, got a job at the Inquisitor in 6... is at the Planet in 7 on... was recently promoted "up stairs" is engaged to Clark

    Lana: 'dated' Lex from last quarter of 5 to near end of 6, left the series at the end of 7, appeared in a guest arc in 8... is 'upgraded' by LuthorCorp... becomes a Kryptonite Battery and is toxic to Clark... is apparently traveling the world "doing the superhero thing"

    Chloe: worked at Planet in 5&6, learns she has 'powers' in late 6 in 7 or 8 repurposes herself from reporter to Friend of the Heroes, and basically runs/acts as Watchtower for the JLA... marries Jimmy but he's killed by Doomsday... mourns him, finds comfort in Ollie's Arms... they eventually get married, she moves to Star City and apparently gets back into Journalism

    Lex: is manipulated by Brainiac in 5, is possessed by Zod... seduces and manipulates Lana in 6... is actively challenged by the JLA through 7... seeks the truth about Clark, and finds the Fortress at the end of 7 -- disappears ... randomly pops up in 8 severely scarred in a mobile lab -- is apparently blown up by Ollie... (its debatable if this is really Lex or a clone) we meet 2 Lex Clones in 10 -- one older who dies of clone related issues and a younger one who is initially 7ish, eventually the young clone remembers all of Lex's memories and hits a growth spurt... Tess's people stop his aging and tweak his genes-- we learn he's half Clark half Lex -- with the gene manipulation he forgets his genetic memories and starts to demonstrate his Clark Side-- changing from Alexander to Connor -- and essentially becoming the Post Crisis Superboy in the Finale Lex returns(i'm kind of vague on if it's Real Lex; fixed with clone parts or a Franken Lex built from clones who simply has the genetic memories

    Kara arrives in early season 7.. having been trapped in suspended animation under the reservoir since the 1st Meteor shower in 89...she is freed by the Clark/Bizarro Fight from the end of 6 start of 7... she spends much of 7 as a regular.. pops up in 8 and 9 for a few episodes... returns in 10 as 'Supergirl' has the basic costume, but no \S/... comes back toward the end and after helping Ollie, Jor El sends her to join the Legion of Super Heroes in the future

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