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Does Nepal export a lot of oil?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Thay have the NOC

    Nepal is a land locked country bordering three sides by India and the northern part of snow fed Himalayas by Tibet/China. Nepal does not produce any oil and depends totally on imports in the refined form, as it does not have any oil refinery. NOC is the sole organization responsible for the import and distribution of petroleum products through 1500 retail outlets owned by the private sector around all parts of the country.

    Nepal is becoming more dependent on oil for meeting its energy requirement. The demand of petroleum products like MS, HSD, SKO, ATF and LPG is about 1.2 million ton (MT) per annum with annual increase by 20%. Petroleum products constitute about 11% of total energy consumed in Nepal. The nearest port in India is Haldia(Kolkata) which is about 900 km from nearest international border. The transportation from nearest sea port to Nepal is the main constraint for import of POL from third country.All the petroleum products consumed in Nepal are procured and imported from India's Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) under a 5 years' Contract Agreement signed on 31st March 2007.NOC uplifts petroleum products as per its requirement from IOC's 6 nearest refineries and depots situated in eastern and northern part of India. The transportation from IOC locations to NOC depots and to retail outlets is done by Tank trucks. To meet the increasing demand, a MOU between IOC and NOC for construction of cross border Petroleum Product Pipeline from IOC's depot to NOC's depot in the central region is under way

    Source(s): Common Knowledge
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