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What's a good undergrad degree for an MBA at a prestigious university?

I plan to get an MBA. Does it matter what my undergrad degree is in or will they accept anything? Could a person with a history degree get into a prestigious business school like MIT or Harvard?

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    You can have an undergraduate in anything you want to and still get an MBA. You'll want to have a good undergraduate GPA and solid work experience afterward, but you can major in anything.

    Top MBA programs look to pick a class with a diversity of backgrounds, so having a unique major or course of study can be a real advantage. In business school, you'll find a lot of engineers, econ majors, business majors, but also lots of liberal arts majors, armed services professionals, doctors, lawyers.

    The neat thing about business school is that there is a wide variety of people with all different types of backgrounds who come together to study and add a certain perspective to discussions. Your best bet is to develop an interesting perspective to add to those discussions.

    Good luck.

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    A good undergrad degree for an MBA would obviously be something in Business, doesn't matter what specialization.

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