help with pain in knees?

Hey, so these past few weeks I've been getting a pain in my knees.

Mainly it's super achy, and tends to "give out" or buckle here and there.

I've been runninga nd playing basketball, and it might be from the impact of all of that....

It's not shin splints, I've had those before and it's not that. THis is only in the knees.

everything I've looked up has either been too vague or else does nto match up to what I"m feeling. Help please?

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    9 years ago
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    This is more than likely what you have it is the most common cause of anterior knee pain: Patella femoral syndrome

    Patella femoral syndrome is caused by an imbalance in your quadriceps(muscles in your thigh) two of the muscles in your thigh work together to pull your patella(knee cap) up a groove in your femur(thigh bone), but sometimes one will start pulling more than the other and grind your patella into your femur. Symptoms include pain located on the sides of the kneecap, discomfort under the patella, sometimes mild swelling and occasional popping of the knee. Running, sprinting, jumping, going up and down stairs, and squatting are all things that can increase patella femoral pain. Anyway it is know by many names: runner's knee, jumper's knee, swimmer's knee, etc. If this hit the mark I have a sure fire way to get rid of it, and very few(and I mean few) doctors know of this method, doesn't involve surgery or taking medicine. If you want to get rid of it just leave a comment at the bottom of your question or email me and I will give you the instructions

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    My mom sort of felt the same thing, she was super active in her teens and twenties. She swam, she ran everyday, biked a lot, and growing up she did a lot of gymnastics which really takes a toll on the knees. I don't know if you're old enough to be worried about ruining your knees like that, but she felt pain and weakness in her knees, and she finally went to see a physical therapist who worked with her a bit, and then taught her exercises to do at home. It's pretty much worked, so I'd suggest you look into seeing a physical therapist too, or at least a doctor (who will probably recommend you to a specialist anyway).

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    this may be a case of patellafemoral syndrome, the place the articulation between the knee cap and the top of the femur isn't congruent. it is frequently extra time-honored in women human beings as a results of our structural transformations. yet, it may additionally be brought about by utilising weak spot in one specific area of the quadriceps besides as tightness of the iliotibial band on the outer area of the leg. discomfort frequently happens while the quadricpes are required to be energetic...going up and down stairs, getting up and down from a chair, etc. It additionally seems such as you opt for further assessment to make certain there is no structural injury including a torn meniscus. no rely if it is the two of the above, the next step in care could be actual treatment the place extra hands on examination could properly be finished so as to attempt to the suitable option the priority and decrease discomfort.

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    You should go to a doctor.It seems like the gel between your joints may have dried out.It doesnt sound too serious but it could get worse if you dont treat it.Hope that helped you :)

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  • It could be tendonitis..but then again I could be wrong. I'd go to a doctor

    Source(s): I have tendonitis in my knee, and both arms. fun, right? haha
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