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Is 15 too late to start ballet? =/?

I'm 15, 5ft 7in tall, weigh 115lbs and i'd like to start ballet.

You can say i never danced because i lost all my flexibility since i stopped dancing 3 years ago. I live in Toronto, and if anyone could tell me a good place for dancing i'd appreciate it.

Furthermore to my question; is 15 too late to dance? I would like to do it not as a career of coarse, but just for fun. And how long would it take me to achieve point? Also, do you know any youtubers who could help me get in shape in the summer? (i.e. improve flexibility, achieve splits...)

Sorry for so many questions, but i'd really like to know

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    not too late at all!

    google famous ballet dancers.. and look through all of them and go to companies pages and read through them! you will find there are very late starting dancers, and even if you dont want to do it professionally there is no reason you cant!

    as for flexibility- warm up, and do froggy, right and left splits, straddle and just lie down over your legs.. it will stretch out your hammys! you could also start pointing your feet while just sitting down, to give you the upper hand for feet. I would also recommend doing 20 rises on each leg after warming up, to strengthen your legs, but stretch after to decrease bulk!!

    good luck! and have fun!

    Source(s): 12 years of ballet
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    Wow. The first person is so not true. You can start recreational ballet at any age if you have the passion for it!

    You aren't too late at all. Sign up for some teen or adult beginning ballet classes. Lots of studios have them now due to all the people starting at your age and even older. You won't be stuck with little kids, and you'd be with kids your age and level too. :)

    Pointe is only allowed after you've taken a minimum of at least 3 years of ballet with several classes a week. You have to have good strength and strong technique and be at least a high Intermediate level. Pointe is exactly like ballet except in different shoes and on your toes. As I like to say, if you can't do it on flat, you'd never be able to do it en pointe! If you're patient and work hard, you will get to pointe.

    I don't know of any youtubers i'm sorry. But work on flexibility at home. Do the frog stretch, straddle, touch your toes, etc. Splits aren't needed at all in ballet, I don't know why everyone thinks they need them, but if you want to work on those too, then you can. Just don't push yourself! You could get hurt and you don't want that before you start ballet.

    Hope I helped! :)

    Source(s): Ballet dancer for 12 years, en pointe for 6 months.
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    it is rarely too previous as a results of start taking ballet. My mom started ballet while she replaced into 30 and loves it. The ballet center on your city that provides classes for each age is probable a good place to start. i don't understand the way you're able to communicate on your father and mom, nevertheless. in simple terms get all your reasons jointly before and collect some information with regard to the ballet center (including pricing). Then gently clarify what you wish and why.

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    im 16 and i stopped dancing two years ago and i dont think it would be very hard to get back into it so i dont see why it would be a problem for you. If you were at a serious dance school before you stopped you should still have good technique and be able to get back into it. getting back into shape would be the first step then take it from there.

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    No, I've danced for seven years. Not in a row though. I wanted my best friend to try it and she agreed. She will start at 15. My dance studio says this is perfectly acceptable.

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    I don't know anything about ballet, but it's never too late to do something that makes you happy. Besides, I'm sure if you are committed and work hard you can progress quickly. Go for it!

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    Im 16 And My Teacher Said You Cant Start Ballet Intill Your 13 So Anyways SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!=+)

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