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What will I be learning in Psychology?

I just discovered that a Psychology class is available during summer school in my highschool and I chose to take it because I always wanted to get into learning how the human mind works, how emotions process, etc. I just want to know: what kind of topics will I be learning? What will I be doing, etc. :) I'm hoping this will also give me a jump start to some careers in my future too ^_^ Thank you for your time...

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    Well I took AP psych in high school. There was much info in the class but here is what I do remember:

    Memory, theories of development, social development, how the brain and nervous system work(neurons etc),classical conditioning, operant, child development, people that contributed to psychology, some on psychotherapy, humanism, some on abnormal things, mental diseases, and so much more.

    The AP psych version covered so much.

    Not going to lie after this class I was prepared for many courses in college.

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    I just took a psychology class, and we learned of all the basic yet complex behaviors. Aggression, Prejudice, Liking, Loving, and so much more. It was a rather good text book too. Very insightful, and many of the experiments in the book are used throughout psychology studies.

    If you plan on pursuing psychology, a good book to have is, "The Social Animal" by Elliot Aronson.

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    In my psych class we learned a lot about dreams, personality, memory, the learning process, brain function in children, and we learned a lot about famous psychology experiments like the Pavlovs Dogs experiment, the little Albert experiment, the Stanford Prison experiment, and the Milgram obedience experiment.

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    Some pretty cool stuff, most practically, the worldviews that have founded us as a species,

    We are the people we are because:

    Darwin: Our genetics define who we are, and are passed through ancestral traits

    Freud: Sex, we are defined by our desires/urges, which are all linked to natures desire for us to reproduce.

    B.F. Skinner: We are defined by our surroundings/society (born a German, show German attributes due to influences of a German society, family, lifestyle)

    Religion: We are who we are because of an entity who has influenced/created us (God)

    Very interesting stuff if you ask me. Enjoy it, and as always, make sure to challenge the Professor!

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    what I know about Psychology is you need to read a lot.

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