Why does Mr, President basis about the border of Israel before 1967 ?

Mr. President, If you basis on before 1967, then, why don't you basis on the Bible. If you really consider and practice Human Rights, then why don't you consider and pratice Christian believed, although you are not Christian.you know very that In the Bible and Jewish History It is written about the border.You ignore What the Holy Bible is written about Israel Border.Or Is this Human Right meaning that giving what palestinian what ever they demand and Ignore Jewish history and Holy Bible. If you accept Koran is Holy ,also you need to accept the Bible, so that it will be justice.Do you really think that it would be the best for the future?the palestinian can show you only ontime that is 1967. but for Israel hundreds time they can show you that It is belongs to Jewish.And yet, you rejected All Jewish history and the Bible.

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  • 9 years ago
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    The borders were changed in 1967 due to war conquests. The Arab nations ganged up on Israel and got beat. Israel kept some of the territory it conquered. They built it up, populated it, and now it has 2 huge, by Israeli standards, cities. Obama actually want Israel to turn over those 2 cities and its infrastructure and whatever population that chooses to remains back to the Arab nations they defeated in war. He wants it done even if it reduces Israel to a position where they can't defend themselves.

    How ridiculous. Turning over land that you won in wartime back to the nation or nations you defeated? Ok, let's give Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia back to Germany, Why stop there? Let's give California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Colorado back to Mexico. Guam and Puerto Rico back to Spain. The Dakotas and Florida back to the Indians and Hawaii (which we annexed after we financed a coup to remove the Hawaiian Royal Family) back to the native Hawaiians. There is precedent on Obama's side. As part of the Treaty ending the War of 1812 we gave Canadian territory that we conquered and occupied back to Canada and the UK gave millions of acres of US states and territory they conquered and occupied back to us.

    Obama is an idiot. Israel will never go for it. The US House, controlled by Republicans, won't go for it. The US Senate, controlled by Democrats, won't go for it. The only thing it will accomplish is that he is cozying up to his fellow Muslims.

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    9 years ago

    Where, besides Fox, do you get the idea that Obama said anything about "Pre 1967 borders"?

    As far as Obama not being a Christian, doesn't that defeat another argument your side makes, that being him sitting in his Christian Church for 20 years listening to Rev Wright?

    Can you not even be consistent in your attacks?

    With regard to basing things on the bible, should we also go back to slavery and the stoning to death of disobedient children? (both in the bible).

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  • 9 years ago

    Lets be clear about one thing. This man, has no idea whatsoever what he is doing. From domestic to foreign policy. The U.S economy is in dire straits because of his policies. Much, much more important is his latest stance on israel/ palestine relations. God will determine the outcome ultimately, maybe such things are meant to happen. I wouldnt want to be barack obama on judgement day!

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