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How did Israel get so powerful to control the media and the UN?

Also why does Israel get away with so much illegal stuff.


Well israel has legalized assassination for one.

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    Israel doesn't control the UN.

    The USA does. The USA backs Israel though, so UN policies passed tend to reflect that.

    As for the media... it is strange that there are so many Israeli people in the media and entertainment. For their relative population, they are certainly over-represented in that field. I don't know why that would be though. Perhaps their culture makes these jobs a natural fit.

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    There's a major lobby called AIPAC which operates in Washington. They pretty much make sure that the vast majority of Congress is pro-Israel.

    The UN is an institution that really has no official power. It's is pretty much dominated by the United States. In turn, only the resolutions which the United States agrees with are enforced. This is why Israel can thumb it's nose at the UN and do what it wants. This is also why people hate America and we get blowback in the form of terrorism.

    If you want an in depth analysis look up works by Professor Kevin MacDonald.

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    Israel didn't need to legalize assassination because it was never illegal. Even in the United States, the ban on assassination covers only a very technical and complicated definition of assassination that wouldn't cover most of Israel's assassinations, just as it didn't cover the killing of bin Laden.

    There's a common misconception that assassination is defined as targeting a specific person for an extrajudicial killing and that there is a universal, worldwide agreement that this is always illegal and immoral. That is simply not true. In fact, when you're fighting an enemy that doesn't wear a uniform and operates mixed with a civilian population, targeting individuals is generally preferable to targeting groups because the collateral damage (innocent people you wind up killing) is less.

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    Isn't it that after the WWII the Allies created Israel for the Jews so they could have a homeland after they had suffered so much at the hands of the Germans? It was a very stupid thing to do, given that the land was already being occupied by other people. Such chutzpah. Anyway, I wish the Jews well, of course, it's just that THAT was dumb. If we had been so in favor of the Jews having a homeland, we should have given them Connecticut or something. Bet that wouldn't have gone over any better than giving them land in the middle east did.

    Anyway, now that we did that, we feel we have to back up our actions. So what ARE we supposed to do now? Tell them we changed our minds? and give them.... Connecticut, maybe?

    BTW. the Jews are very very smart people. Their culture honors education, learning and wisdom way more than most cultures do. Including ours. That's why they become powerful wherever they are. And the stupider people around them can't stand it. Instead of getting smarter themselves, they whine about conspiracy theories. Or they persecute and kill them. IMHO

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    You don't seem to know what you're talking about, because Israel has probably been condemned by the UN more times than any other nation on Earth.

    And if Israel controlled the media, wouldn't you expect the media to be more pro-Israel?

    I mean, just DAMN!

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    This is a very controversial questions and there is really not 100 percent known answer. But the reason why I think it is is because of the national jewish congress, and all the major corporations are owned by jewish people. They bribe people who own most of the media, like rupert murdock to side with them. America is basically being used by America at this point and it is obvious

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    every country does illegal stuff .The un is controlled by the us who are allies to israel.The media supports israel so they would justify the millions of dollars being sent to israel .The issue is that neither israel nor the palastians want peace.

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    Because they are very well educated and are rich and have rich friends. They occupy the financial industry in the US, many Government positions, the Congress as well as the Senate.

    For a small group of people, they have managed to assume huge power, whether political, economic or military. Now they have the power of propaganda too, i.e. the media.

    Zionism has over 100 years of history, it is an ideology.

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    They didn't and they don't. The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) are the ones passing Sharia resolutions in the UN on the "defamation of religion" and "defamation of Islam" every year since 1999 through Pakistan. So if anyone other than the UN control the UN it's the OIC. I don't see that Israel controls the media or gets away with illegal "stuff".

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    American Israeli Political Action Committee

    it is the wealthiest, most active lobbying group in washington!!

    add to that the fact that the majority of media outlets are controlled by jewish execs and u see how they get away with so much

    and speaking to Israeli greed: any race that sold ITSELF into slavery has got to be morally bankrupt!!

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