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If the Palestine/Israel conflict was truly about "land" don't you think it would have been solved by now?

the Palestinians have been offered up to 97% of the land in the west bank in exchange for peace and they turned it down. why?

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    I am disgusted by the history revisionist that tries to equate the very well documented legitimate means of the formation of the State of Israel with the despicable malfeasance of the United States Government concerning the indigenous nation peoples of the Americas and broken promises and treaties that continue today. The reality of the situation is that the nation of Israel is a much closer parallel to the displaced Native American Indian nations . Despite efforts to eliminate both Jews and Indians, both work to live in their native homelands in PEACE! Israel continues to go through the kind of nonsense the U.S. government and the Canadian governments perpetrate on the First Nations peoples. The sense of entitlement to misappropriate every aspect of identity, belief, and history are also parallel. The 22 Arab Muslim nations that surround Israel are a much more apt comparison to the corrupt manner of the larger entity attempting to eliminate the existence of a nation people through every means possible and justify their actions with projections.

    Honesty is the only way to achieve a peaceful two-state solution to this problem. It is not and has never been in Israel's best interest or aims to commit genocide on any people and there has been no attempt toward any effort by Israel. Fabrications of an agenda that Israel and the Jews are out to conquer the world must stop.

    Read the Hamas charter for yourself with it's genocidal declaration for Jews and Israel and read the PLO charter. They are available online in entirety. Read the Declaration of Independence of Israel and tell me who is committed to promotion of peace in the region with their neighbors. Who is even willing to acknowledge that the right of their neighbors to EXIST! It certainly isn't Hamas and the PLO..until that happens, I don't see peace happening

    For all of you who claim to be concerned over human rights abuses and the lives of children...where have your voices been the past 60 years of abuses of Palestinian children being raised as martyrs and suicide warriors to kill innocent Israeli children...of Arab, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Druze, Samaritan, Baha’I and others?

    There is no honest way one could equate the formation of the state of Israel to the policies of the United States and its horrible policies. The Muslim Arab world sees the people they’ve kept in a refugee status and who are living in cities with more universities per capita than my home state of Arkansas called “refugee camps” as expendable to be used as martyrs to achieve a goal of elimination of Israel. They need to have ways to justify trying to destroy a whole people (the Jews) so that others do not look upon this as the despicable thing that it is. They have borrowed the more *effective* methods of the Nazis, including projection of their own goals onto those they desire to eliminate. Hitler got his ideas from a study of the United States governments’ early policies of “relocating” and elimination of the Native American populations. He had Himmler study these policies to aid them in their plans for the “Final Solution”. Apparently people forget that in the 1930’s a large part of the propaganda of Hitler that was spread through Europe was the story that wealthy Jews who owned and controlled banks and media were secretly trying to plot to take over Europe and subjugate them.

    If Israel had wanted to commit a genocide, it would have happened decades ago. Israel has the technology and the capability, but what have we actually SEEN instead? Concession after concession to try to support the Palestinians to live in peace alongside Israel., met with escalation of attacks. The concessions are acted upon as if a weakness to be exploited with more violence! Rather than seeing the Palestinian population destroyed by more than 1/3 in less than a decade, as the world Jewish population plummeted in the genocide of the Holocaust, the Palestinian population has increased fourfold in 60 years. Today, more than 60 years after the Holocaust, the number of Jews in the world is barely that of 1920, in a world whose population has tripled.

    The Palestinian people became a unified people with creation of the PLO and as such deserve autonomy in peace, however, it cannot do so my elimination of the state of Israel. I pray for the day when their passion and desire to be a unified people focuses on nation BUILDING rather than neighboring nation destruction.

    Source(s): See these answers for history and reputable references. I have many more references easily available. UN archives and actual news sources, work, too!
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    If I 'give' you land, but retain the ability to control your use of it, am I really "offering?"

    If I offer you land, but shoot your kids when they play on it, what kind of offer is it?

    framing the discussion as you attempt ignores key aspects of the dispute. You come across as trying to present Palestineans as ungrateful and conflict-seeking, with additional motives you absolve Israel of.

    by reducing any situation outside of its full context, anything can seem bad or one-sided; its akin to arguing that Native Americans should be satisfied with getting stuck on reservations. If you have any sort of understanding, you'd know that 97% on paper does not equate to surrender of Israeli control.

    Don't forget that Israel's pledge to stop building settlements in the West Bank has totally been ignored - and defense of those illegal settlements is used to justify occupation - just as it would have been regardless of the "offer" (which was never a real offer).

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    B/c they hate the Jews. Granted, they hate everyone else but they really, really hate the Jews. Why ? Mohammed hated the Jews after they rejected him and he got all butthurt about it. The Muslims pretty much worship Mohammed so they also tend to hate the Jews. Where there's a direct conflict this is reinforced as part of the daily mythology they live in. "The evil Jew who conspires with the West to destroy Islam and make Islam look bad." and so on.

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    They have not been made such an offer. You are lying.

    and even if they had, they would not be offered access to the coast or the jordan river (which are crucial).

    If you want real insight into the middle east, stop getting your information from Y!A or the national enquirer.

    Source(s): I've studied the middle east
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