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If the Confederate States were Democrats, why are people that fly Confederate flags usually Republican?

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    There were two types of Democrats back in the day, Northern and Southern Democrats. The Southern Democrats were members of the Democratic Party that lived in southern states and were pro-slavery.

    Most Southern Democrats continued to be loyal to the Democratic Party until the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950's and 60's. They considered the Democrats attempts at desegregation and outlawing the Jim Crow Laws as "the last straw", and many Southern Democrats switched and joined the Republican Party.

    • Republicans in Confederate States Army: Thomas Henry Bayly; Romulus Zachariah Kinney; Oliver Hart Dockery; Curtis Hooks Brogden; Manuel Simeon Corley; Christopher Columbus Bowen; William Posey Edwards; Hamilton Dudley Coleman; Thomas Jefferson Speer; Asa Hodges; Campbell Slemp; Henry Bowen.

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    The South was strongly Democratic from the time of the Civil War mostly because Lincoln and those over seeing reconstruction were Republicans. It was also the Republicans that pushed the Civil Rights Act through. The "Dixiecrat's" as they were known were a major hindrance to the movement. (George Bush Sr. voted for the act while Al Gore's father voted against it.) The South became a strong Republican region with Ronald Reagan in the early 1980s. The Democratic party became too liberal for middle american valued people to associate with.

    That said, we probably don't really know how the folks who fly Confederate flags are registered. Most people in the south are still Democrats. The few people I know who fly the confederate flag are in deed Democrats. You are probably confusing your prejudice with facts.

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    The issue of slavery split the Democratic Party. During the Reconstruction Era, the Republican Party had control of Congress and reconstruction of the South.

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  • nice try, democrats own racism as part of their party platform. liberals try to act dismissive as though the modern day Republicans in the south are racist, that is a typical liberal lie.

    Democrats EVERYWHERE were and are racist today.

    FDR was a racist, Truman was a racist, Byrd was a racist, obama is a racist, holder is a racist, rev. wright is a racist, the list of democrat racists is as long as the list of democrats.

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