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How much money can I withdraw from the machines in one day?

If I want to take out $6000 in cash, should I instead go to the workers there? Is there a limit to the maximum amount that they'll give me at once?

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    In the US there is a limit as to how much you can take out.

    This is for your protection.

    If a crook knew that you could take out 6 grand in one shot, you'd see them all lined up at ATM's with guns waiting for you

    Each bank will have it's limit, and on top of that each customer may have a different limit. It could be only about $400 a day. Go to a teller to get your money

    The same holds true for debit card puchases.

    You could try to use your card for a $600 purchase, and it could get turned down.

    That's why it is important to always carry a check in your wallet

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