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Coloring a tanned tap shoe black?

I want to color my tanned tap shoes black, but i dont want to do it at a store. Is there a way to color them yourself at home ? Like, can you buy the spray paint for tap shoes at a store or something? If yes, then where can I buy it? (I live in Vancouver)

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    Do you live near a store called Mister Minit? If you do they can sell you a bottel of special paint for your shoes, this is my suggestion but their are many other stores that will sell you some too. Try not to get a spray paint because this can put spots and runs on the tap shoes, it is best to get a paint on.

    tip- stuff your shoes with old newspaper before you paint them.

    so yeah, just about any shoe repairing store should have paint.

  • gilly
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    4 years ago

    One you are able to recolour them over with black, or use turpentine to sparkling of the tan and then respray / paint. as a results of black will hide the lighter colour the first option could nicely be the straightforward way out.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Try some black shoe polish?

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