How to Convince parents to get a MacBook?

First off, I am a junior in high school and reaaaaaally want a macbook. I have a job and have much more than enough to buy one.

The only thing holding me back is my dad. My mom is totally for it but my dad's the huge PC guy. Any time I even talk about macbook he freaks out. He gets all mad and serious for the rest of the day.

Anyways, i want one for college and I want to get it before my senior year because I am training to be a pharmacy tech and I need a laptop to do the modules at work and at home. I have a laptop that's a Dell Inspiron 1720 (my dad bought it right after I first said I wanted a macbook a year ago) and it's a 17 inch and I can't lug it to college, it's HUGE! I was hoping to use it as a desktop and use the macbook as my laptop.

Anyways, I have two ideas. Either ask my dad straight forward and pray he says yes but in the slight chance he does, I'd have to wait forever for him to research it and get opinions on different macs from people, etc.

Or, I could just buy one with my mom and hope he doesn't freak out when I bring it home.

What should I do?


also, I want a Macbook Pro 13" and it's $1099 cause I would have a student discount.

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  • 9 years ago
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    srry if im being stereotypical, but ur a girl, therefore u would know alot less about computers then guys like me.

    You may seem to think apple is all hyped up that its all to be, and that it HAS to be better than ANY windows pc because of the price. WRONG.

    Show ur father this he will appreciate this. Apple is only able to charge the ridonkulous price they can because people themselves believe that they are worth that much, the belief in apple products and their "psuedo" superiority to everything else is what inflates the price. The only thing apple "innovates" is its OSX, which honestly, just another way of doing things on a computer, it isnt neccessarily easier and for most avg users, cant tell the difference between the two operating systems and how the differ. For example, most people just click on an icon, open up the web browser such as google chrome and do stuff their, OSX or apple does not make this process anymore streamline then it already is, u DONT need it.

    But ur right about one thing, the dell laptop is huge, if u were a guy i tell u to man up, dont bring ur laptop to class anyway, its really bad for u, i know. But if you cant lug around a laptop that size, get a dell inpiron 14r or an hp pavillion dv4t, 14inch laptops. They can be configured to be the EXACT same specs of a mac with windows 7 which is very easy and hassle free aslong as u keep it clean.

    In fact, both OSX and windows 7 will grind to a slow if you just install a bunch of useless bloatware, all u need is office software such as microsoft office 10, google chrome, windows media player and ur set for all ur basic computer needs.

    Both of these laptops, you can put a large harddrive for all ur photos, and music, though u would seriously need to download like a million songs just to fill up a 320gb hdd, and u dont sound like a gamer so no big 8gb files for u to install. They also come with usb 3.0. I wont explain the science to ya, but even though its slower then thunderbolt on a mac, it is still way to fast for anyone to really take advantage of, and its still ALOT more accesible then a thunderbolt, in a couple of years, thunderbolt will die the same way firewire, though faster then usb 2.0 (800 mbs vs 480 mbs) died out because everything can be done through a usb port.

    If i havent said it already, get the new sandy bridge dual core, i3 23XX or i5 24XX, 300-500gb hdd, 4gb ddr3 ram, blu-ray, opt for a bigger battery, and ur set. Still, the cost will not go over 800$ i guarantee u.

    Apple isnt the only one with education discounts too, but still, i suggest going for an hp pavilion dv4t with a i3 2310m dual core proc, 500gb hdd, 4gb ram, blu-ray if u need it, and a 9 cell battery. This is just as good and fast as the macbook pro for 1100$ but will not go over 700$.

    Seriously, dont be those people whose computer research consist just only the frontpage of the apple store, and the 3 friends that have a mac and cant tell the difference between a HDD and an SSD or still believe that their macbook G4 is still faster then ANY pc out there. These people know nothing about computers but instead of admitting that they paid 2x the price just for the apple logo, they have to make up bs to make it seem like they made the right choice at the time.

    Source(s): Im a computer geek.
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  • Sandra
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    4 years ago

    Why not buy the laptop yourself? That is what I did when I went to college, but my own laptop, my kid sister did to. We bought ours with the money we got from graduation. Mac laptops start at 900 and up, that's pretty high these days, when parents, as well as highschool and college students are luckey if they have a job and have a steady income. And even the ones with an income, it pretty slow going where they can hardly make a buck. So instead of trying to convnce your parents, why not save up your moeny and perahaps when it comes time to get the laptop they can help you out a little. On a side note, unless your going to college to be an video editor, graphic design something along those line, a Mac wont do you much good. Most colleges use windows comptuer and I find it hard to believe that the software that you need wouldn't be compatible with a windows computer. Which cost a whole lot less then a Mac.

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  • 9 years ago

    Your dad is right. I am a sophomore in high school and I know for a fact that apple and mac simply rip you off. You are paying like a crap more just for the OS system when you could get the same specs and have windows 7 and it would be way cheaper. People who usually buy mac are fan boys and i honestly despise mac, (except for the use of Photoshop and other video editing programs). you can't even game on macs half the time. if you want the mac book buy it yourself and tell your dad it is your money. or just get the same specs on a computer for cheaper.. hell get Linux, it is faster than win 7 and mac normally , and it is free. just make sure when you get a computer it has good ram, good processor, processor speed, and good video card. you wont have to worry about hard drive space when shopping considering they are all 500 gb and even 2 terabytes which is a bat **** insane amount of storage.

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  • 9 years ago

    Macbooks really aren't that great to be honest.

    So the real question is what are the facts that make a Mac better?

    If the 17" laptop is huge then there are 13" choices out there.

    I like the Samsung 9 series because of how thin they are.

    there are also thin Lenovo X1 laptops too


    Make a chart explaining why Macs win over PC's (personally i think pc's are way better)

    There are also good PC solutions out there that fit your needs.

    ~PC stands for "Personal Computer" so a Mac is technically a "PC" =P

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  • 9 years ago

    I want to know why you want a Mac. They are really overpriced computers, I would take a PC any day over a Mac. Buying a Macbook is a waste of money, especially when you have a laptop that is only one year old.

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