What's your favorite KPop song?

I'm recommending some songs for my guy friend haha. KPop song of the day!

He seems to like Fiction by BEAST and Run by Epik High. I'm going to recommend Alone by Outsider, Again and Again by 2PM, and Abandoned by Jay Park. He's not really into Lucifer by SHINee or Gee by SNSD, really.

I'm going to run out soon haha.

Any other songs? Especially girl group songs? :D

If you're a guy, please helpppp! xD

If you're a girl, leave your favorite song anyways, I'm curious ^^



Oh! And Love Song by Big Bang. :D

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well if he's a guy, he won't really look at it the same way we girls do, will he? For example, I'm not sure most guys appreciate aegyo on guys the way we girls do. I dunno, I'm just assuming - I don't really know your friend.

    I usually have a list of kpop songs which I give friends when they seem to be slightly interested in kpop songs.

    So far, all the guys I've shown Abracadabra (Brown Eyed Girls) to say it's their favourite kpop song. If you're gonna show him that, I suggest you send him the video too ;) Preferably the dance version.

    Other kpop songs my guy friends have liked are :

    Sorry Sorry – Super Junior

    Super Girl – Super Junior M

    No Other – Super Junior (But that was because it reminded him of his girlfriend)

    It's You – Super Junior

    Love – CN Blue

    Change – Hyuna

    Bo Peep – T-ara

    Chu – F(x)

    Ring Ding Dong – SHINee (Though admittedly not the video)

    Bad Girl – Beast

    Shock – Beast

    Gee, and other SNSD songs like Genie and Run Devil Run, but you said your friend didn't like them...

    Hope that helped :) Haha you're like me, I'm obsessed with trying to turn my friends into kpop fans.

    Succeeded on a few occasions, and I'm proud to have turned one of them into a total fanboy! Haha that was no easy task xD Hope your friend likes them them too ^^

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  • 9 years ago

    1. After School - Shampoo, Virgin, Because of you, Diva

    2. BEAST - Beautiful, Breath, Mystery

    3. Bigbang - Beautiful Hangover, Tonight, Stupid Liar, Love Song, Tell Me Goodbye

    4. CN Blue - Sweet Holiday, Love Light, Banmal Song (Solo song by Yonghwa), Imagine

    5. DBSK - Bolero, Why Did I fall in love with you

    6. F(x) - Mr. Boogie, Danger, La Cha Ta

    7. Infinite - Before the Dawn

    8. KARA - Mister, Lupin, Jumpin'

    9. MBLAQ - Cry, Stay

    10. Miss A - Breathe, Bad Girl Good Girl

    11. Orange Caramel - Aing~, Bangkok City, Magic Girl

    12. Secret - Shy Boy, Magic

    13. SNSD - Mr. Taxi, Run Devil Run, Genie, Complete

    14. SS501 - Love Like This, Love Ya

    15. Super Junior - No Other, Bonamana

    16. Super Junior M - Super girl, Perfecion

    17. T-ara - Why are you being like this, yayaya, i go crazy because of you

    18. TRAX - Oh My Goddess

    19. 2am - I Did Wrong

    20. 2pm - I Hate You, Tired of Waiting, Heartbeat, Without U

    21. 4minute - Mirror Mirror, Heart to Heart, Muzik, I My Me Mine

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    How about

    Mr Taxi by SNSD

    Sorry Sorry by Super Junior

    Bonomana by Super Junior

    F(x) - Danger

    2NE1 - Clap your hands

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    He might like these:

    I'm Going Crazy - Se7en

    You and I - Park Bom

    Go Away - 2NE1

    Say No - BEAST

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  • 9 years ago

    I recently made a list of songs to recommend to a friend too. Here are A LOT! They are mostly the group's hit songs.

    SNSD (Girl’s Generation)- Gee

    SNSD- Genie

    SNSD- Oh!

    SNSD- Run Devil Run

    SNSD- Hoot

    Super Junior- Sorry Sorry

    Super Junior- Bonamana

    Super Junior- Knock Out (first single)

    SHINee- Noona You’re So Pretty (first single)

    SHINee- Ring Ding Dong

    SHINee- Lucifer

    Shinee- Hello


    f(x)- La Cha Ta (first single)

    f(x)- NU ABO

    TVXQ!- Mirotic

    TVXQ!- Purple Line

    TVXQ!- Hug (first single)

    BoA- ID Peace (first single)

    BoA- No.1

    BoA- Valenti

    BoA- My Name

    BoA- Girls On Top

    BoA- Eat You Up

    BoA- Energetic

    BoA- Hurricane Venus

    TRAX- Paradox (first single)

    Trax- Scorpio

    Trax- Let You Go

    Trax- Oh! My Goddess

    BigBang- Lies

    BigBang- Haru Haru (Day by Day)

    BigBang- Tonight

    BigBang-Love Song

    BigBang-Stupid Liar

    2NE1- Fire (first single)

    2NE1- Follow Me

    2NE1- I Don’t Care

    2NE1-Clap Your Hands

    2NE1- Can’t Nobody

    2NE1- Go Away

    2NE1- It Hurts

    2PM- Again and Again

    2PM- Without U

    2PM- 10 out of 10 (first single)

    2PM- Heartbeat

    2PM- I’ll Be Back

    2AM- This song (first single)

    2AM- I can’t let you go even if I die

    2AM- I did Wrong

    2AM- Like Crazy

    Wonder Girls- Nobody

    Wonder Girls- Two Different Tears

    Wonder Girls- So Hot

    Wonder Girls- Tell Me

    Miss A- Bad Girl, Good Girl (first single)

    Miss A- Breathe

    4Minute- Hot Issue (first single)

    4Minute- What a Girl Wants

    4Minute- Muzik

    4Minute- Huh

    4Minute- I My Me Mine

    4Minute- Mirror Mirror

    B2ST- Bad Girl (first single)

    B2ST- Shock

    B2ST- Breath

    B2ST- Beautiful

    A Pink- I Don’t Know (first single)

    G.NA- I’ll let you go so you can move on (first single)

    G.NA- Black and White


    Kara- Honey

    Kara- Lupin


    Rainbow- Gossip Girl (first single)

    Rainbow- A

    Rainbow- To Me

    SS501- Love Ya

    SS501- A Song Calling For You

    SS501- Snow Prince

    SS501- Love Like This

    SS501- Fighter

    SS501- Because I’m Stupid

    Brown Eyed Girls- Love

    BEG- Abracadabra

    BEG- Sign

    BEG-How Come

    F.T. Island- Love Love Love

    FT Island- Love Sick (first single)

    FT Island- Flower Rock

    U-Kiss- Binguel Binguel

    U-Kiss- Man Man Hani

    U-Kiss- Shut Up!

    U-Kiss- 0330

    After School- Diva

    After School- Ah (first single)

    After School- Because of You

    After School- Bang

    After School- Love Love Love

    After School- Shampoo

    T-Ara- Lies (first single)

    T-ara- Why are you being like this

    T-ara- Yayaya

    T-ara- Bo Peep Bo Peep

    T-ara- Like the First Time

    MBLAQ- Oh Yeah (first single)

    MBLAQ- Y

    MBLAQ- Cry

    MBLAQ- Stay

    MBLAQ- Again

    Secret- I want you back (first single)

    Secret- Madonna

    Secret- Magic

    Secret- Shy Boy

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  • 9 years ago


    lollipop-2ne1 & Bigbang

    Clap your hands- 2ne1

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  • 9 years ago

    BLOCK B (freeze) and (wanna be)

    INFINITE.....(before the dawn)

    TOUCH.....(rockin the club)

    BIG BANG.....(tonight) and (hands up)

    GD&TOP......(high high)

    ZE A.....(be my girl) and (again)

    BEAST......(shock) and (soom)

    TVXQ....(keep your head down)

    girl groups ummm

    F(x).....(Pinocchio) and (dangerous)

    4MINUTE.....(mirror mirror) and (huh)

    T-ARA.....(why are you being like this)

    2NE1......(cant nobody) and (clap your hands)

    GIRLS DAY.....(nothing last forever)

    AFTER SCHOOL.....(bang)

    Source(s): :)
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