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Pakistan is an Islamic republic according to its own declaration. It is proved recently that ......?

this country has been the safe haven of the worst international Islamic terrorist Osama Bin Laden. It is also a well known fact that this country is the seed bed of the international Islamic terrorists as Osama Bin Laden Himself has once declared that Pakistan is the sacred county of the Muslims .It is well known that the madarassas there are the training grounds of the fundamentalist Islamic terrorists who have been causing bomb blasts in Pakistan , India and the US.and recently in some part of China also .China has been helping this country with nuclear technology also.This very same country has been harbouring the terrorists who was the worst enemy of the US that has been helping Pakistan generously with billions of dollars for development .Despite that, the very same Islamic country consistent with its Islamic character has been harbouring the worst enemy of its own generous donor , the US.

.China ,is a communist country which is opposed to religions ..That being the case, do you think that an Islamic Republic like Pakistan that has stabbed its own generous donor, the US from behind in harbouring Osama Bin Laden and protected him by housing him cl;ose to its Military Head Quarters, ,would not assist the Islamic fundamentalist terrorists to cause bomb blasts and mass murders in China , a communist country that does not believe in Allah, despite getting assistance for the same country as , it did betray the US?

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    Pakistan is one of the most dangerous countries onthe planet. And Pakistan does harbor terrorists and is a far bigger threat to the U.S. than Iran, North Korea, or Iraq ever was. Yet for some warped crazy reason the U.S. still continues to call Pakistan an ally and a friend - with friends like this the U.S. doesn't need enemies. Pakistan is a pretend friend. Why the heck do we give taxpayer billions to this dangerous terrorist-sponsoring "friend" while at the same time doing little to help taxpaying Americans that are struggling.

    As for China, the will (1) sell anything including weapons to anyone willing to pay and (2) copy any secret or technology they can get their hands on. The Chines cannot be trusted by government or any business.

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    Well as far as I can tell from your poorly assembled and incredibly long question you seem to be asking if it seems likely that Pakistan has been directly funding Islamic Fundamentalists in attacks on China. Secondly you seem to be stating that Pakistan as a state was responsible for the sheltering of Osama Bin Laden.

    First off I find it highly doubtful the upper echelons of the Pakistani chain of command knew that Osama was sheltering within Pakistan. Pakistan is a committed nation to the "War On Terror" and is actively fighting a counter-insurgency campaign inside it's own borders. The only other nation apart from Afghanistan to be doing so. While some elements of the Pakistani administration may have known of Osama's whereabouts I do not think that this points to a conspiracy.

    Secondly there is absolutely no evidence that I have been able to find that the Pakistani State has been involved in any support in Islamic Attacks upon the Peoples Republic of China. Small elements of the Pakistani Taliban may have given aid to the East Turkestan Islamic Movement but considering the Pakistani state is openly at war with this group I think that your question may be posed towards conspiracy theories than actual hard evidence.

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    you asked a very good question, i believe that Pakistan's officials are corrupt. if you think about it, WHERE DOES THE FUNDS GO?. US has donated many billions of dollars and by the looks of it Pakistan needs a new President. For China, Pakistan and China have been Ally's for a very long time and China is an Industrial country, and Pakistan has alot of natural resources like coal, limestone etc, which China AND the US need.

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    I didn't get your question exactly. but I have to say that the US government is a very bigger threat for Pakistani people than Bin Laden was. And it is needed to be mentioned that most people of Pakistan are of the best ones in the world.... (I'm not from Pakistan).

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    What a load of tosh. FYU, the centrifuges which the Paks used were bought from western countries. Most of their scientists were trained in the UK and US and speak English quite well.

    Nothing to do with your time?

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    Who knows what motivates a jihadist?

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