Repairing Headphones...?

I just got up and came back to my laptop where my headphones were plugged in and I stepped on the cord ripping them out of the laptop and bending the jack. Anyway to repair the jack without having to buy new headphones all together, they like 3 weeks old and expensive..


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  • 10 years ago
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    If the jack is bent, then I think you can try and straighten it with a pair of pliers, do this carefully though. If you bent the jack, it's also probable that you also cut your wires which were attached to the jack. If so, then expose the wire carefully with a sharp object maybe a razor, as you will need the dexterity of your fingers as you expose the wire. Once you have found the severed wire, cut it (don't worry it's simple to reattach) then you need to burn off the wire, as most wires are coated with enamel,as if you just reconnect the wire without burning off the enamel coating, no current will pass. Now that you have reconnected the wire using electrical tape, you are ready to go.

    If the jack is beyond repair you can replace it, just get a new jack, I think they're are sold or get cheap earphones and cut out the jack part with a some wire, then repeat as above and burn off the enamel coated wire of both the jack part and the earphone part and reconnect the wires with tape.

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