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What comes after Smallville? What do I watch next?

The Smallville series finale aired two weeks ago. Smallville is a prequel to Superman. It's about Clark Kent growing up before he becomes Superman, He finally became Superman and wore the suit in the series finale. What comes next? The movies? The TV show "Lois and Clark: Adventures of Superman"?

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    Smallville wasn't quite a prequel or a sequel. If you noticed, it had many different story lines put into one big show. He fought Lex, and all the other villains.

    There is no Prequel or Sequel, it was suppose to be pretty much all the Superman story lines.

    @GrizzlyBear - I've already looked it up on the internet before. They didn't have the Series Finale until only like 2 weeks ago. You're lying, dumb ***. Do you want me to also confirm it as well?

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    If you're really looking to continue your Superman experience, I would recommend that you watch Superman I, followed by the Richard Donner cut of Superman II. Please don't watch Superman III, IV, or "Returns" unless you are looking for a reason to laugh. Be patient, though, they are in the process of rebooting the movie franchise, and I shouldn't be surprised if it follows some of Smallville's mythos (as myself along with many other fans view it as the penultimate in non-comic, non-animation Superman storylines). Cheers!

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    i've got been watching smallville because day a million and confident lana says she is pregnant with lexs toddler and there making waiting for the enormous wedding ceremony and confident all and sundry like cyborg he had come out in previous episodes and additionally aquaman and the flash so the question of the "JL" forming has been obtainable for fairly a on an identical time as then as quickly as th eco-friendly arrow had got here out it became obtrusive how he hated lex and were making plans against him to make certain what he became doing why else ought to he have come to city. Then Louis and Clark nicely that storyline plot has been obtainable because of the fact the 1st time we met Louis. She consistently type of teased Clark yet you need to tell they start to love one yet another. Now after the kiss she'll definatly attempt to make certain much extra who the eco-friendly arrow is. And yeah i agree they might do a spinoff with the "JL". There additionally beginning episodes with regard to the eco-friendly arrow and how he grew to become. Thats my opinion.Sorry if its long have been given into it.

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    ha canada must be really behind. that show used to come on like 3-5 years ago in America. they dont even play the re runs anymore haha

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