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What comes after Smallville? What do i watch next?

The Smallville series finale aired two weeks ago. Smallville is a prequel to Superman. It's about Clark Kent growing up before he becomes Superman, He finally became Superman and wore the suit in the series finale. What comes next? The movies? The TV show "Lois and Clark: Adventures of Superman"?

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    Smallville is a unique take on the Superman Mythos, as are the movies and Lois & Clark.

    Smallville is based on the newest version of Superman.

    Lois and Clark was based on the "relaunch" Superman of the late 80's early 90's.

    The Movies are based on the Superman of the 60's and 70's before the relaunch of the entire DC Universe known as The Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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    There is no cross continuity between Smallville and any Superman Project

    in theory until season 3 you could assume the series to have covered/elaborated on the first Act of the 78 Donner/Reeve, which shows Clark in HS... however even that isn't a perfect match simply due to casting issues... the Kents on SV are Far younger when they find him than the film showed... not to mention Film Lana is a redhead with pale complexion, SV Lana has Black hair and slightly Asian features

    -- in season 4 Lois arrives and is depicted as 19+ compared to Clark's 17 (the series establishes his B Day as being in the spring and he turned 17 at the end of season 3) the film had a 12yr old Lois watching 17ish Clark Racing the Train

    -- the Film has Pa die on the Farm when Clark is in HS... in SV he dies a year later after running for Senate

    etc etc etc

    the Best way to view Smallville is as if it were an alternate Universe or Elseworlds tale.

    The SV episode Legion from season 8 offers another that essentially SV is the 'reality' and Canon is what survives of his legend/mythology after 1,000 years

    but in any case it does not sync up with any other \S/ project to date... if you line everything up by age

    SV: 14-25 (counting Flash Forwards 32)

    Superboy: 18-20 (despite running for 4 seasons)

    Lois and Clark: 27-31

    Superman the Movie (and it's sequels): 30-? -- it established for sure he was 18 when he got there.. and I think they state he was 'in stasis' for almost 12 years (or at the least long enough for "Swell" to fall off in use), and '?' is because I don't recall if they establish a clear time line of when the events of each film occur in relation to each other (if the time between films is also the same amount of time that occurs in the Film Universe) Reeve was 27-28 when he made the first film... and Superman Returns is meant to be a sequel repolacing 3 & 4... but Routh was only 26-27 when he made that film... and they firmly establish that at least 5 years had elapsed between the Events of 2 and Returns

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