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electrical engineers who only graduated with a bachelors, how do u like your current job?

also how was your under grad experience?

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    I have a great job in automotive testing with good benefits in an affiliate of an OEM. I'm doing electrical, mechanical, materials, etc. because we're a small tight knit shop without union entanglements. It's just a matter of knowing when to hand off to one of the other engineers when something comes up in an off field you can't put your finger on. I should preface that I didn't do the typical High School - College track. I did 16 years in the Air Force as an avionics technician mostly working with engineers in flight test before getting out and going back to school for my BSEE. I spent time at JC to get caught up with all the stuff I didn't do in HS (California grad, I didn't even need Algebra) and was accepted at 3 UC schools as an older transfer student in my late 30s.

    Concerning the undergrad experience, I went to UCLA where I was an old fart competing in curve graded classes with Valedictorians and the like. The learning was very fascinating but the "college experience" just plain sucked. The academic staff was great and it wasn't due to the school. There were a couple classes where you could tell the prof wasn't really into teaching to undergrads and wanted to be back in the research lab but they weren't the norm. Daily life was commuting 3 hours a day (this after saving an hour each way by lane splitting on a bike during rush hour in CA.) plus struggling to catch up with a level of rigor JC never prepared me for. I'm not really social and wasn't part of the peer group of 18-22 undergrads anyway. Also, at UCLA a huge chunk of the engineering/comp sci students are asian foreign students so there is a language barrier. Since I never was really connected to the student base I never went to graduation, I just picked my diploma up at the admin office. I only remember two students by name from my days at university, both were lab partners on long projects. The rest were just people in the crowd. I don't have a yearbook or ring and have no plans of going to class reunions.

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