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What do girls like in a Guys Facebook Profile Picture?

Hi i got a new facebook cause i got hacked before. I want a fresh new fb pp, so what do girls like? I dont want to brag, show off or be a tool. What do girls think is cute? I recently posted a picture of me playing the harmonica by a pond, and nobody really liked it. So i want something AMAZING? Any ideas? im a guy, and im not good at photography with photos. Should i get a cute Baby Pic of me? IDK what do girls like?

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    Just a picture of your face, you smiling, None of the shirtless pictures, that makes you seem so ******* arrogant.

  • 10 years ago

    Shirtless pics (;

    ..maybee try a more manly-er instrument like an electric guitar d:

    Ha just be you(:

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