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Should Qatar be allowed to host the World Cup Finals in 2022?

Following the exposure of large scale corruption in the voting process for who got the 2018 1nd 2022 World Cup Finals and exposure of money being offered to make Qatar's bid successful why are most people if not everyone who talk about the scandal of Fifa corruption never talking about possibly not allowing Qatar to host it in 2022, when Qatar is mentioned, people discussing it just say they'd better make sure they appear to be above board when they stage it.

Why let them stage it

Surely there it should be taken away from them and after all the Fifa corruption is cleared up we have a new vote.

Whichever country stages it in 2022 does not need to start planning or building new stadiums yet or building a new transport structure. There are 11 years before 2022 so may be time to ban them from having it and have new vote after all Fifa corruption is cleared up probably mean sacking the whole Fifa committee which I realize may take too long.

Or shouldn't any changes be made until the charges whatever they are involving Fifa's committee or Qatar are proved but of course it may be difficult to ever prove them.

Please respond with intelligent and well thought out, good mannered answers and NO RACISM against Islamic or Qatari people, though insult the Royal family there if you want im ok with that lol and no criticism of my spelling. I am using English spelling not the American English spelling that most of internet who are American think is English. It's not about race or religion it's about greed and corruption and capitalism which could happen by any race or religion (don't offer the usual knee jerk, stupid, guttural no manners impolite offerings that most come out with online)


So Eric and Jackami we should just turn a blind eye to corruption then and yes nothing will probably be done about it why? because most people are sheep and won't force Governments or Fifas committee to change where it's hosted or maybe even how the bidding process is done in the future to be sure World Cup Finals can't be bought

Update 2:

Whether or not Qatar are allowed to continue as hosts I don't think that automatically entitles England to host it. It should be put to the vote again after their are ways put in place to make sure the location can't be bought or the bidding process corrupted.The point here is about being fair and above board not about giving preference to any particular nation or group of nations.There should be a fair above board election and a fair logical decision based on the evidence put forward by the bidders before we decide where to host any World Cup Finals

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    Quite simply, if it had been a completly fair voting process. The World Cups would be likely to be in England and The United States. There is two very good reasons not to have it there. Firstly, the heat. Secondly the laws regarding alcohol/homosexuality. I could think of at least ten reasons but one that quite simply not be ignored is that they really do not match up to any of the other countries at all.

  • Martin
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    9 years ago

    No. Nobody can play football in 45+ degrees Celsius heat, and no magic cloud or whatever they're making is going to help much. Have they ever even qualified for a World Cup? I don't think they have. And they defeated bids from the Netherlands, England, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and the USA, all of which would have been great hosts. It's ridiculous. They should re-vote. Hopefully the Netherlands bid wins if they do.

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    I'm Going To Keep It Simple: No They Should Not Be Allowed To Host It, But Blatter And The Rest Of Fifa Are Too Proud And Stubborn To Accept Fault So There's No Way On Earth They'll Change It

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    Why are the charges only bought against Qatar? Was it because that dude was contesting the President election and was a threat to Sepp Blatter? Guys, we all know FIFA members are the most corrupted thugs and without money and freebie package they do not get votes. That's the bottom line. This is not new and it has been going on for ages.

    So knowing these are corrupted thugs - why no one is questioning how the votes were given to Russia? What was involved. There is a big time conspiracy based on actions so far.

    1. Hammam stepping down as a candidate

    2. Warner and other thug suspended and facing ethics committee charges

    3. Sepp Blatter not accused at all, still being a candidate and wins the elections unopposed.

    Bottom line it tells me Sepp Blatter is more powerful and his political wing has more power.

    IMHO - there is nothing wrong Qatar hosting it, but I will not attend but watch it on TV. I would rather have it played in US so I can watch the Live matches in a stadium.

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    I think what's most important is the choosing of a location/country with a passion for the game, and for the occasion. What is most important is the the game itself is spread around the world regardless of wealth, religion or race and for me, as long as Qatar host a World Cup worthy of 2022 and allow any citizen in the world to go then I'm sure it will be a great World Cup.

    What we need is an independent investigation into the Qatar bid, and until they are fully proved guilty of bribery then the vote should be recast. I sincerely hope they aren't guilty, but that's the modern game isn't it?

    All that I want is a good few months of World Class football. Oh and for Wales and England to get into the finals :)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Qatar Should Host Fifa World Cup 2022 Only If They Give Us Nationality... My Father & All Brothers & Sisters Are Born In Qatar.. But Still We Are Here Like Servant. Not Satisfy From Strick Law Of Nationality..

    "A residence of a minimum of 25 years, a clean record, good knowledge of the Arabic language and good standard of living are the four preconditions to apply."

    Its All Fake Stories By Qatar Showing To The People That They Treat Non Citizens In Good Way... They Only Treat Rich & Famous People For Increasing Their Reputation But Whats Happening In Back Stage... Come Visit Qatar... Ask Residents Then You Will Know...

    "Money Talks" Just Heard... Now We Can Se.. Qatar Bought World Cup Not Just Won..

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    No they shouldn't. England should have got the 2018 bid as well because we had the best bid there. We are the only country that if needed to, could host the World Cup tomorrow but that isn't good enough for our FIFA friends is it. Blatter should go because if he cared about Football and loved it, he would know what the right thing to do is. It ruins it for us fans who love the game and are so passionate for it!

  • 9 years ago

    most certainly not. it,s all a fix. sepp blatter should be made to stand down. the world cup should be given to england.

  • 9 years ago

    No, after all that's happened I don't think they should.

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  • 9 years ago

    its too hot there. players will get dehydrated

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