what were some of the best matches that should of happened when it did but didnt?

bret hart vs hulk hogan king of the ring 1993

flair vs hogan wrestlemania 8

regal and taylor vs mnm vs london and kendrick vs the hardys part 2 no way 2007

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  • 10 years ago
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    Yes agree with Flair vs Hogan.

    Here would be mine that should of happened cause they made sense.

    Ricky Steamboat vs Randy Savage 2 WM IV - many fans salivated at the idea of a possible Savage-Steamboat re-match. Savage had already advanced to the next round and was set to face the winner of the Steamboat-Greg Valentine match.

    It was a pretty safe bet that Steamboat would emerge victorious which would then set up the re-match. For whatever reason it did not happen as Valentine emerged victorious and we received a Savage-Valentine match instead.

    Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker WM 22 - These two had a great match against each other at No Way Out but it should of happened at WM 22. Instead of Henry vs Taker we could of had Angle vs Taker & Orton vs Mysterio.

    Edge vs Christian WHC - Wm 27

  • Jeff
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    10 years ago

    NO match with Hogan could ever be a "best match". I don't think he ever knew more than two actual wrestling moves in his life.

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