What do i do about this?

i'm so unhappy. it's my first year in highschool and i made new friends but they're not that close, my only close friends have been close for a while before highschool. but all of them are treating me different, one girl teases me alot and it bothers me and i try to be nice about it but she used to be the sweetest girl to me. she still is to everyone else but me now, and i was never rude to her infact i was always the kindest i could be to her and all the rest of my friends. another one was my friend since we were babies and i dont know what to say about that because i have no idea whats going on, i guess we're just drifting. the next one was depressed and i would always be the first to ask her whats wrong, when she cries in front of me i hug her and give it my all to comfort her, im so nice to her and she treats me like a bag of **** most of the time. when i asked why she said i was being treated the way i deserve to be, and i know this may seem like im being a bad friend but i dont realize but trust me im NOT and now she talks to people she barely knows about her problems and not me and we still hang out all the time, talk all the time, etc. she recently got a new best friend who used to be so nice to me and almost kissed my *** and now shes so rude to me and argues with me about EVERYTHING and i just think like if you disagree with a friend theres freedom of speech but you dont have to be so rude you should say it in a kind way. those were my 4 best friends and now i dont feel like i have anyone to talk to, no one cares, if i try to talk to my mom she yells at me and tells me just to stop talking to them. who am i gonna talk to i'm nothing without them and now they seem to not like me at all the way theyre treating me. i feel like im being taken for advantage but what kind of mean selfish person would do that? ive been nothing but nice to these girls and they dont appreciate me AT ALL. i know my parents care about me but i need someone who cares about me who i can talk to and i know will try to help me the way i try to help them. this became a really big problem in my life this year, because i've been not going to school because i feel so down and not motivated, i feel like crying every second, i feel like next im gonna become suicidal. please help i dont want to do something stupid to myself but i dont know what else to do to make people notice because talking isnt enough these days. if i tell my friends about my problems they just say oh and continue what they were doing almost as if i were trying to tell a really bad joke :( please tell me what i should do.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Scr*w them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What do you want with those *******?

    You need to have a stronger personality, don't let them humiliate you, speak of anger.

    Move on, don't get close of these douche bags. Find other good friends, there is no way that no one in your school will be your friend. The most important thing is to leave smart*sses to themselves.

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