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Vinayakar sitting on a rat as His vahanam. I want to know its significance.?

There must be some mythological story behind it. I want some details about it.

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    10 years ago
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    Dear Naguru, Vinayaka is the god of knowledge, wisdom and power. He is valiant and bestows success to the one who remembers him in all their actions. The mouse on the other hand is a pest, no emotional control, no values, raids others properties / food without regard to the others need, desecrate holy without regards to value ,,,, much like the normal human tendencies that lack any empathy or consideration of wrong from right.

    Vinayaka's mouse as vahanam indicates the power that every human being has (as we are created by and in the image of god himself) over his his own self. What more appropriate symbolism is necessary to convey the message ...

    Ancient hindu's were the masters of symbolism and conveyed message subtly. When many other religions resort to punishment (Stoning, Killing etc.) we believed in peace and purpose.

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    I don't really question the great thought behind the significants of vinagar sitting on a rat. But perhaps we have to look at why was it a rat, an animal which causes havoc to elephants. Does it actually show that by vinagar sitting and riding on the rat, it tells us to be brave and face the challenges of life. A single mishandling can cause to topple the rider. So we have to carefully ride our life because there are alot of challenges ahead which if we are clumsy might cause us to fail in our lifes.

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    Dear Uncle, How are you?...

    here you can see what is that mythological story behind your question...

    Youtube thumbnail

    Apart from the clip., a rat represent a creature that eats what ever comes in way and hide inside the corners. Like wise, it can be compared with a THAMSIC MIND STATE, which fills what ever materialistic things in a life time and its not a fault. But due to that THAMSIC nature, the Purusa(individuals) create a sense of FALSE PRIDE and started thinking that they are masters of everything. and the thamsic triggered mind develops a sense of hiding behind the corners of narrowed mind sets from the truth and right.

    now the LORD GANESH is not only the destroyer of obstacles but also the lord of GYANA(wisdom). After all, even he make LORD SHANI to realize the truth about wisdom. So Lord Ganesh who is so Gigantic figure sits on that False pride to give such a horrible burden to the purusha. Now because of intolerable weight and toughness, the Ego centered purusha realize that I am nothing in front of GOD and the GOD who does everything. After that the service to god( being a vehicle to GOD) becomes a so happy living...

    have a happy day.....


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    Well dear asker and dear Ratiaji, Vinaykar is a name of Hindu God Ganesha, that means who is worshiped first, before start of any work and Vahanam means who is used as a mounting vehicle by the different Gods. Now the question is that how a rat became the vehicle of Lord Ganesha.

    The mythological story behind it is that there was a Giant mouse, who used to disturb the religious performances of Rishi, penitents, teasing them exploiting there Hawan and Yagya, the holy rituals of Hindus. When the terror of the giant reached high, the penitents requested Lord Ganesha to control the said mouse giant, then Lord Ganesha promised that He would ride on that giant mouse. Hence Lord Ganesha made the giant mouse His vehicle. Some people say that the giant mouse had asked Ganesha to forgive him, then Ganesha made him His mounting vehicle. Here is an animation video in Marathi, but understandable.


    Sir as you know, Sikhism has nothing to deal with demi Gods, we believe in one and only the supreme Lord God, the God of all Gods and Goddesses.

    Millions of Brahmas, Vishnu's and Mahesas adore the Lord.

    Narad, Sarada and Sesanag praise Him.

    The ganas, gandharvas and Ganesha, play instruments (for Him).

    The six philosophies also propound different garbs (for reaching Him).

    The gurus sermonize the disciples and the disciples act accordingly.

    Salute to the primeval Lord who is unfathomable.(2)

    {{{Bhai Gurdaas Ji, Vaars Bhai Gurdaas 21}}}

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  • 10 years ago

    A wise man standing on a fat rat...

    A rat is cunning and can never be satisfied.

    Man's senses are also cunning and can never be satisfied.

    A rat's cunning can be compared with the cunning senses of man.

    Man's need to control the senses, can be compared to a man standing on a cunning rat.

    Ultimately man must control his insatiable senses.....

    This is a beautiful lesson in sensual control.....

    Peace be always with you.

    in sha'Allah

    al-hamdu lillah


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    Salaams dear Naguru.

    i have read many of your comments and found much wisdom in your words. Alhamdulillah.

    i do not know the answer to this but i am responding because i want to see the other responses.

    now i have to go find out who Vinayakar is and what is a vahanam?

    would mind elaborating for us ignorant ones.?




    Youtube thumbnail


    so as i understand this... Vinayahar is a Christ figure or intermediary to Allah. it makes me realize that it is good to have someone who will lend a hand to climb up the rope. to help us to walk on water so to speak. it is good.

    and as there is nothing wrong with a rat... they are perfect in their own way... wise, cunning, resourceful, etc.

    i am just trying to understand. any feed back will be appreciated. ty. xx

    edit: Assalaamu Alaikum to all posters. Allahu Akbar. God is indeed Great. Thank you for all your posts from such esteemed souls. there is something i have to learn here... but it is not making the connect yet. i will continue to ponder the message. perhaps i will ride my own rat. :) thanks again.



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    4 years ago

    Yes (annoying isn't it, when you're looking for answers)

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  • 6 years ago

    Im an atheist so... IDK, but my family is hindus, so I think it has something to do with those 'holy' books or something...

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