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Is it worth it to watch a movie in 3D?

I'm going to watch X-Men: First Class later in the day and there's an option of seeing it in 3D or normal. The 3D one is more expensive and the other movies that I've seen in 3D haven't been that much better than seeing it 2D. In your opinion, is it worth it to watch the movie in 3D? Or should I just watch it in 2D? Also, anyone seen the movie yet? Is it good?

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    depends on the movie, i saw Avatar in 3D and it was totaly worth it but then some movies such as cloudy with a chance of meatballs could possibly still be as effective in 2D.

    keep beliebing.

    bubbles bieber xx

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    10 years ago

    depends what you like watching 3d for to long gives me a headache but also movies do differ on how the 3d effect is for the movie but personally I would go 2d because of better screen resolution.

    hope this helps ;)

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    3-D makes no difference to the movie, besides making them pop out at you. The story-line, characters, acting, etc. will all be the same. If you hated the first two, then you'll hate the new 3d re-release. They're only re-releasing them in 3-D to earn more money.

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    a movie like avatar in 3d is totally worth it. xmen first class should b good enuf in 2d too

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  • 2D, 3D is always annoying and hurts my head. anyway i think 2D is a better and clearer picture :)

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