How many italian newspaper/magazine/journal are in Toronto?

Hi everybody! I Know that in Toronto there's the Corriere Canadese, that is a newspaper in italian language. Do you know other like this?

Can you say me the name?

Thank you!


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  • 9 years ago
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    Are you interested in current Italian language print media that is published in Toronto, or that can be found in Toronto (and is published anywhere)?

    Below is a link to some info about Canadian-Italian publishing on Wikipedia.

    Collections Canada lists the following as Italian-Canadian publications:

    Il cittadino Canadese=Canadian citizen. Montréal, Québec

    Congresso. Edmonton, AB

    Corriere canadese=The Canadian courier. Toronto, ON

    Il corriere italiano. Montréal, Québec

    Eco latino (2000). Ottawa, ON

    Insieme. Montréal, Québec

    Il Marco Polo, L'eco d'Italia. Vancouver, BC

    Messaggero oratinese. Port Colborne, ON

    Il nuovo mondo. Edmonton, AB

    L'Ora di Ottawa. Ottawa, ON

    Specchio. Woodbridge, ON

    Tandem. Toronto, ON (which is the weekly version of Corriere Canadese, but translated into English)

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    4 years ago

    Speaking Italian will always get you the best seats in an Italian Restaurant but that's about it! French will get you the best seats in a French Restaurant too but little else in Toronto which is an English speaking city. Other than in Quebec, French is not widely used in Canada so best to please yourself and use the language you enjoy most. P.S. will be welcomed to Canada no matter what language you speak!

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