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Is ocean a trusted ptc site ?

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago
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    For the 95,000th time...

    The Internet is not some magical cash machine.

    There are NO online jobs. No data entry. No surveys. No nothing. Anywhere. Really.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    If you're looking for the BEST PTC sites that pay on time I suggest joining Neobux. It has been around for MORE than 3 years now, is FREE to join (they offer upgrades to help with your earning) and many people have made tonnes from these two sites.

    Neobux offers Rented Referrals along with Direct Referrals, and they have lots of ads throughout the day to click to earn you money. What's more is that you can upgrade from your account balance meaning you don't have to invest to make money if you don't initially trust them, however if you want to start making bigger amounts and more often I do suggest upgrading.

    If you look at my first link, you'll see a success story on the Neobux forums where Reggen has made more than $10,000 through his time, patience and dedication.

    Hopefully you'll join, make some money and spend it on whatever you want (games, chicks etc.)


    Source(s): Myself and many hours of research on this topic prior to today (Neobux Sucess Story - With Proof and Images :D)
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