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HELP!?!? wyomissing pennsylvania?

im doing a biography on taylor swift. my beginning sentence is " From being a small town country girl to the bright lights of showbiz...". she was born and spent her early years in wyomissing pennsylvania. but does it make sense that she was a counrty girl there? should she be considered as a country girl if she is from there?? :(

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    Wyomissing is one of the better-to-do suburbs of Reading, PA, which is in Bertks county Pa , and the county has a population of about 400,000., and is just over an hour from the greater Philadelphia area

    While not exactly big city usa, it isn't exactly in the middle of the Ozarks,

    From Wyomising, you are 1 1/4 hours from Phila, 2 hrs from Baltimore and 3 hrs from New York.

    "Small town" may be stretching it, but " country"? No way.

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    Well since the Census Bureau now considers Wyomissing a suburb of Philadelphia, I hardly see how. And since it has a thriving business community and is home to corporate headquarters of some companies, it is hardly country.

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    The state of PA is often described as "Philadelphia and Pittsburgh - with Alabama in between". Two centers of education and culture - with redneck farmers (and Amish) in the rest of the state.

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    I think it makes sense i wouldnt change it!! :)

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