The factors why the Industrial Revolution took place in Britain first?

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  • 10 years ago
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    There are several factors:

    1.) The invention of the steam engine in Britain

    2.) Britain was extremely powerful and rich due to her Empire

    3.) The civilization was law abiding and good citizens.

    4.) The free-market capital system was refined and efficient.

    5.) Britain was the superior naval power, and very many merchant ships could deliver goods for sale as well as importing raw materials from and to around the world.

    6.) Britain managed the colonies in an excellent fashion, population was productive yet was content and happy

    7.) There was no religion turmoil

    8.) The government was stable and finely tuned

    9.) There were many secure investors available

    10.) The government passed laws friendly towards expansion--they passed the right laws at the right time.

    11.) There was a global up-turn in economics.

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