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Windows Vista Blue Screen Shutdown?

I was listening to some .flac tunes on foobar2000 via my DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) throuh my tube amp with a pair of Pioneer headphones from the 1970s. In case you can't tell, I'm a real audiophile. All of a sudden the screen on my laptop when blue and it said something about a shutdown to prevent any damage to my computer. Before I had time to read it all, my comp shut down and started up again. All I was doing was listening to tunes and I had a few websites open. Could this have overloaded something? I think there was also a Kaspersky Antivirus update going on in the background. Does anybody know what happened? Could it have been because I had too much open or an overload of power?

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    Nope it means corrupt drivers installation , which leads to blue screen of death

    So in short no hardware failure

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    What version of Vista? Are you basically pressing the ability button to teach it off? i might advise utilising the shutdown selection in abode windows next time you close up down... there are a lot of clarification why you will possibly be able to desire to get this mistake, I say basically take it lower back get a sparkling one and don't do what you probably did, lol.

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    This could of happened because of a hardware failure of a very bad virus attack. If this keeps happening, contact your computer company (Hp, Dell,etc.) because this could be bad if you don't get this fixed! It could be also be an overload (rare) on the kind of computer that you have. This had happened to me on an Hp laptop but it's fine now (Being repaired because of something else....).

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