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Which WoW Character for pvp?

I have an 85 shadow priest and an 85 fury warrior, my spriest is geared pretty well for pvp and my warriors is on his way. Which one should I concentrate on for PvP.

I want to know, in your opinions, which do you think is more;




Please answer seriously, thank you

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    It's been a while since I played WoW, but when I did... warriors were not very well suited for pvp. Unless things have really changed, I'd stick with the priest. That is to say, I haven't played since two months or so after WoTLK was released.

    Believe it or not, I liked healing in PVP with my druid. You should give that a try.

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    I haven't played either of those two classes (I have a Ret Pally, Frost DK, SV Hunter, Feral Druid, and Arc Mage that I have PvP'd on, the last two being 50 and 25 respectively, others at cap) From what I have faced in BGs, the one that I have the hardest time beating (on my Pally since it is my main and I play more PvP on) of those two would be the shadow priest, generally because I don't really see many warriors at all. So for better I would say SP since they can be really good if you play it right.

    For fun, I think you would have an easier time playing a fury warrior because I heard warriors were a simpler class that requires less skill, but the abilities of the SP may be more fun in your opinion.

    For reliable, I would say fury warrior since it does the damage more directly (meaning less chance of them running off with dots on them and cleansing before damage is done) and has a better chance of surviving with its higher armor count, which reduces the main damage type in BGs even more. However a SP can do the damage pretty uninhibited due to the lower shadow resistance damage reductions which generally come from Kings (Mark) and another Priest's buff, which means it could do more dps to someone than the warrior could.

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  • 9 years ago

    Warriors can be great for PVP! Shadow priests are still somewhat weak with the latest patch.

    What you should try and do is play both in Arenas. Play a double DPS team with your shadow priest (like S-Priest and A-mage) and double DPS with your warrior (F-Druid or R-Pally). As you only need 10-15 games to get all of your conquest points a week, PVPing shouldn't take very long.

    However if you're looking to get over 2200 rating you should go warrior and holy paladin.

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    Both are great for pvp, Spreist are good in arena if you have another team mate who is heavy armor or a healer becuase they will take the dmg. now everyone knows the in arena you go for healer or cloth wearer first so that is a downfall of preist they see you they think healer and cloth wearer, double wammy. fury warrior is great if you have good dps and a reliable partner no downfalls wiht them.

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