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Why did Steve Perry leave Journey?

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    Back in 1996 when Journey reformed after their break-up in 1986, they released the album 'Trial by Fire'. While rock climbing, Steve Perry hurt his hip and needed to have surgery. The rest of his band mates waited patiently for over a year for Perry to get his hip surgery so that they can tour, but Perry never did. I am still not 100% sure whether Perry was kicked out or left himself, but it was probably a mutual decision between the members; one of those "if you don't get your surgery soon then you're outta the band!" "well I guess I'm outta the band then!" type things. But Perry's departure did cause Steve Smith, the band's drummer, to leave as well, saying, "Journey without Steve Perry is not Journey."

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    Steve left because he had to have hip surgery,,,,,

    Source(s): VH1 behind the music (for one)
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