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Character NAMES!! PLEASE HELP :)?

Okay, well I'm 12, and I'm really bored so I'm going to write a story. The basic plot of it is, there is this REALLY powerful witch and wizard, the MOST powerful in their land [which I have not named yet] and their daughter is born, everyone believes that she will grow up to achieve great things, but she betrays everybody by joining the dark side and trying to take over their world. I need names for her parents, the main character: their daughter, and the leader of the evil, and any extra names you come up with will be really helpful in case I decide to add any more side characters :) Thanks for reading this and please don't report, I just need names for a story..And also, if you could help me come up with a title that would be great. Help is appreciated. I know I should come up with my own ideas and I DID with the basic plot, but I simply need help with the extra details :)

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    Mother- Delyn, Cassandra, Emmeline, Esmeralda, Griselda, Rubie,Wispher, Willow.

    Father- Kai Zi, Torra, Draeke, Fjield, Nathanel, Silver, Lance, .

    Girl- Miryn, Arabella, Ada, Taelia, Aethia, Aphrodite, Aethene, Fablina, Agoun

    Evil Ruler or whatever: Ceva, Diosilo, Darigan, Dyseve Fabildor Iunaiv Lyseo Meiclio Okui Oundar Sridyn Yirui

    Name: The Betrayal

    Order of "girl name"

    Evil Queen

    Path she chooses

    The crowning of the Hope of Destruction.

    Crossroads of her life

    Why she chose evil

    All things dark: "girl name"

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    Maybe in the land where they live there have a special way on choosing names, like an elder or holy man has a special ceremony to find there names.

    The ceremony could be maybe trowing something into a fire and then the name forms in the fire.

    The name should be unusual and associated with nature, like

    Mother- Crystal Ocean

    Father- Flowing River

    The parents names are nice and associated with day things,but the daughter should have a darker name associated with night ,like

    Daughter-Moonlight Thunder or Moonlighter

    Leader of Evil- The evil Leader could be just called the dark one or dark spirit.

    Sorry if that's too confusing.

    Hope this helps!!!

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    Evil Character: Draou

    Parents: Lily and Zac.

    Daughter: Roselyn

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    Parents: Kate, Nancy, David, Edward

    Main character: Jessica, Elizabeth

    Evil character: Mark

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    Dad- Harry, Daniel, Vincent

    Mom- Elizabeth, Sabrina, Sabina, Victoria, Esme

    Daughter- Jewel, Kaitlynn, Aphrodite, Rosalinda (you could call her rose for Short)

    Leader of Evil- Marcus, Aro, Adam?

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    Parents: Catherine and alexander

    Child: Troian (tro-Ann)

    Evil dude: Draco or griffin

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