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Do you believe the government has something to gain from the prescription drug industry?

My mother was addicted to Valium her whole adult life. She had three psychiatrists (none knowing about the others) supplying her dependence. Although she had a brilliant mind for business, it ended at the door of our house, and our family was destroyed.

It was only YESTERDAY that I have come to the understanding that the government, the pharmaceutical companies, and the psychiatrists all had something to gain by the destruction of my childhood. Please read on.

Two men I respect highly, warned me about the drug companies, and yesterday a 'clinically depressed' friend of mine confirmed what I had been telling him for months by supplying me with this eye opening website:

Prior to seeing this I already knew that a treatment given by doctors must be labelled as a 'drug'. It must be licensed by the Food and Drug administration and costs the pharmaceutical company millions in fees. Upon approval, a patent is issued to the company, giving them a monopoly on the 'drug' for twenty years.

Government laws have denied proprietors of natural treatments (natures drugs) from ever labelling them as 'drugs'. Notice that doctors will NEVER suggest natural treatments. They get kickbacks for every subscription.

If your conscience is stirred up by this horror, pass it on.

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    Are you Canadian, because you asked in Canada? Canada is worse than the US. Because the government makes the bulk of the drug buying decisions, they are far more easily influenced. Why sell to the public, when you can bribe one government official. As for the US, lobby groups spend huge amount of money to find ways to encourage drug use. Most government officials aren't educated enough so they go along, and they are influenced by Pharmaceutical money to look favorably to them. THe worse is California and how it treats Medical Marijuana. Everyone knows most of the pot sold is to feed addictions. It is ridiculous the type of medical problems is being passed off as needing Marijuana. AS for Doctors never suggesting alternative medicine, tehy do. My doctor hates me, because I question all drug prescription. THey are giving me holistic medicine for my allergies, but part of the reason is that they sell it in their office. THe funny thing is that some of the holistic drugs, are actually based on real science, but the comapny finds hollistic medicine as a way around the FDA. It's sad though, because some of the Hollistic medicine works better then antibiotics. And yet we over use antibiotics, because it's in the best interest of pharmaceuticals.

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    I KNOW they do. It's not a direct gain, it's lobbyist money being donated to political campaigns.

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    CIA make money out of it

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