Is Roger from the musical Rent abusive?

I've never seen the musical but just from what I've seen in the song "Another Day" (like I've watched that scene from the movie and the musical) he seems like angry and he's kind of grabbing her and pushing her around, can someone just explain why he's angry in that scene lol? Just kind of explain that scene to me, don't worry about spoilers because I'm probably never going to see the movie.

I know he's not like full-on abusive to Mimi, but why is he so angry/pushing her around in that scene? Just kind of summarize that scene for me lol and explain it, thanks so much!

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    He is constantly trying to distance himself from new relationships because of his "baggage" --AIDS, former heroin addiction, failed music career, dead girlfriend. Basically in that scene, the character is physically and emotionally pushing her away. He doesn't think that she'd understand his past and doesn't want to bring down another person. Further, during "Light My Candle," Roger learns that Mimi is a heroin addict like his dead girlfriend and he sees too strong a connection between her and his dead girlfriend. She committed suicide after learning they both had AIDS, and he blames himself for her disease/death. After "La Vie Boheme," he learns that Mimi has AIDS too and that she is doing her best to cope. At that point he resolves to be with and share each other's baggage, but after Angel dies, he is too reminded of his own problems and pulls away again, letting her get away from him. In the fight song "Goodbye Love" Mimi says, "You don't want baggage without lifetime guarantees" and leaves him. Later Mark challenges him saying, "Mimi still loves Roger, Roger's either jealous or afraid of Mimi's past." Eventually, Roger wises up and goes to find Mimi, but she's almost dead from cold and starvation. His willingness to take her into his life during his song "Your Eyes" brings her back from the brink.

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    He is not abusive, just still coping with the fact he has aids, and his girlfriend did too, and killed herself. Coping with loss I suppose. He just can't deal with her, or another woman in his life right then.

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