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Driving a 26 foot U-Haul Truck from Vancouver to Toronto road trip via US?

Hi, my wife and I will be driving a 26 ft U-Haul truck from Vancouver to Toronto. We will also be towing our car on a trailer. We plan to drive via the US simply because it is shorter. This way we will save at least 9 to 12 hours. At this time we are not interested in side seeing, just want to get to our destination in the shortest time.

Does anyone have the experience driving a truck filled with household personal effects and going through the US customs and then back again entering Canada through the Canadian Customs. How was the customs inspection, did they check the entire truck, any documentation was required. Could you please share your experience on your trip as this would certainly help on our trip as to what we should look for and what to avoid. Also share your experience on your entire trip. Can you stop along the way and take some rest break for a few hours, what about motels, etc. Also finally would you prefer to do the trip via US again or prefer to use Trans Canada Highway all through the journey.

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  • Cheryl
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    10 years ago
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    now i acknowledge this happened 15 years ago but my friends were moving from ottawa to vancouver and tried to go into the united states with their rental u-haul and were turned back ... they had to drive through canada to get to vancouver ... and to be honest, with the amount they paid to rent that u-haul, the gas, the hotels along the way, they could have just bought all brand new stuff when they got here and flown ... you could probably sell all your stuff, drive in your car, and buy new stuff when you get here and save money ...

  • knh959
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    You could have issues with US Customs. a family in a truck full of personal possessions "claiming" to just be travelling through the US before returning to Canada might not sit too well with them. if you get the wrong agent on the wrong day it could turn into a nightmare.

    Same thing with Canada Customs. How can you prove that everything in the rental truck actually came from Toronto? They might believe that you picked up a few additional items in the States on the way through.

    There might be one solution. Stop at Canada Customs on your way to the States. You might be able to have them put a Customs lock on the back of the truck that can only be opened by another Canada Customs entry point. I know that sometimes commercial trucks entering Canada have a lock put on the trailers at the Border Crossing which can only be removed by Customs at the destination.

    Over all though, I'd say that for the 9 hours that you're saving you might as well stay in Canada. Far less potential headaches.

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    I gotta agree with knh...the saving a day or part of a day by not driving through northern Ontario might (probably) won't be worth the headaches you potentially could encounter in crossing the border twice.If a terrorism alert level happens to go higher in the US about the time you're crossing just getting into the US could be a several-hour delay..They'll take the stuff out-you'll have to put it back.You can register some of your property with Canada Customs when you leave Canada(if it has serial number on it-TV's -computers etc of course do ) BUT much of your other stuff probably doesn't and unless you have the original bill of sale/receipt there's really no way to prove to CBSA that you had it before you left Canada.

    I cross the border regularly (every couple weeks or so) and see people loading and unloading stuff from U-hauls and campers and vans etc. at border crossings (on both sides) quite a bit..and I always think to myself "I'm glad that's not me".

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    I am sure there are some concerns about driving a truck full of personal belongings and furniture through the aU.S., I just don't know what they are. Talk to the people at the U=Haul rental place. Surely they have had experience with this type of thing and know the regulations. They may even be able to refer you to other customers who have done the same thing. You could also go the the border crossing and ask the border patrol in person or get the info or who to contact from them. Once you are in the US. you may travel, stop, stay as you please. also, contact some moving companies in Vancouver and ask what the border procedures are for driving through the U.S. to move to Toronto.

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  • Jane
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    5 years ago

    We don't quite have the same potential for long road trips in the UK..... so the longest I've done is the 10 or 12 hours (I forget) to get to Scrabster for the ferry to Orkney. And going through mostly pretty glorious landscape with such a magical destination means that the moments where the A9 blocks up or it's pouring with rain so heavy you can't see without the wipers being in double speed - all pass by in the anticipation of the destination or the enjoyment of the view. Oh, and I'd choose either Cher or The angels have the phone box (preferably both of them) - we'd just have SO much to talk about!! And if The angels was along, we'd get good music too, to speed the journey. EDIT: If we're going with coach trips, I have to include the 24+ hours on a coach from the north of England to Prague with 30 of my students........ Actually, the trip back was much worse as I'd had rather too much Becherovka the night before......

  • Anonymous
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  • tro
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    10 years ago

    your shorter solution considering all the unknowns you present seems the least choice

    unless you are aware of many problems that might arise on the US highways, it might be a very poor choice

    there are probably a lot of repair work being done that you may not have advance knowledge

    you certainly will have better access to Canadian conditions than US conditions

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