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Can someone plz tell me what evreyones statical role on a football team is?

For example: In the nba a point gurads role is too mainly get assits, a shooting guard and small forwards role is to mainly socre, and a centers power forwards role is to mainly get rebounds.

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    QB- passing yards and touchdowns

    RB- rushing yards and touchdowns

    WR- catches, receiving yards and touchdowns

    TE-catches and touchdowns

    O line- none

    D line- tackles and sacks

    LB's- tackles sacks and interceptions

    Secondary- tackles and interceptions

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    QB-run the team call audibles/ adjustments and throw the ball.

    RB-pick up blitzes (block blitzing defenders) run the ball to gain yardage and catch the short route.

    WR-run routes catch the ball score return kicks

    O-line- Protect QB and Block for RB

    TE-Block, pass protect and be a WR.

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