Move a minivan inside a cube truck rental? Don't want to use trailer btw.?

Actually not a minivan but a 3800 lb farmall h tractor, but the weight is similar I think. Didn't know if anyone would answer if it was worded "tractor". So what do you think? My main issue is the floor of the truck. Will it be too much weight in one spot? How much will it help to put down wood to spread out the weight or would it really spread it out much, wood being so flexible? My other issue is tying it down but I guess I can tie it down with many many different ropes or whatever. the railings to tie to are often wood but if I tie it in many places and go 20 mph or something it must be ok. Loading is tough too, but i got that solved and won't be using the ramp (don't want it to break).


Most of these trucks are for furniture I guess and are just cube vans with wood floors, one I saw had what looked like hardwood panels I think.

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  • Dan
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    10 years ago
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    What size box does the truck have on it? If your renting a U-Haul, Budget, or Penske truck I would highly recommend renting one of the larger trucks. Like 20' or bigger just so the truck is meant to haul that much weight. Most of the smaller trucks can only hold 3,000 or so pounds spread out over the whole floor. But if you rent one of the larger trucks it can hold upwards of 9,000 pounds.


    Securing the tractor is kinda hard tho but what I would recommend would be to put wood blocks [chocks] in front and behind all the wheels that way it won't move. On one front side and one rear side- I would put a nail or screw into the board and into the floor of the truck to prevent the wood from moving. Also I would get a heavy duty strap and put it across the front of the tractor and into the side of the truck.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    3/4" or 7/8" plywood would help distribute the weight.

    A concern may be stopping fast, rather than gunning the engine, so placing it towards the front of the compartment may be a benefit.

    Blocking the front and rear of the rear wheels would help

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Have you thought of this? How the HECK are you going to get in? How the HECK are you going to get it out?

    How about a trailer for cars?

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