Christians, why do you think that Jesus said 'Seek first the Kingdom of God AND'?

His righteousness?

Why would this be what we seek FIRST?

And first there means more than #1, as opposed to #4 on the list, as many know.

So, this seems quite important to us. Why so?

What are your thoughts on WHY Jesus said it, and why He put both those things

together, the kingdom of God, plus His righteousness'

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  • 9 years ago
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    'Seeking' is a journey, an experience. This can be a task or an adventure. As Christians we are to make the inner adjustments necessary to determine the nature of our experiences. If we don't do this, we are relying on external circumstances to determine results.

    This latter way is called fantasy. Not realistic, not real. In no way related to reality. This is a setup for disappointment. Attending to the inner adjustments means adjusting priorities. The Christian attitude is to always seek or search out intrinsic value in all and every situation.

    Intrinsic value always includes, by definition, the Kingdom of God. When done right, this is the only guarantee of genuine value throughout any experience. Done right, whatever follows has at the very least, a chance to be good or blessed.

    Done wrong, there's no chance. All that follows is off When we are focused on identifying the truth in any situation, what's equitable, then we are finding the Kingdom of God. This must come first to engage in an adventure in Christ.

    All else becomes an exercise in emptiness - a dry, barren task-oriented circle of vanity. When experiences are equitable, it means we searched out the righteous means of proceeding in a given situation - first. First as in 'must be in place' before anything of value will follow.

    Why did Jesus say this? Because He is the Great Physician and this is His wonderful prescription for genuine health. And because there's a never-ending body of evidence that delivers the certain verdict that 'He loves us.'

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  • 9 years ago

    The two are inseparable. One could seek the kingdom and refuse the righteousness, that is, salvation through Jesus Christ. The demons believe but they are unsaved, as is the devil. He certainly knows about the kingdom; he was there!!

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  • 4 years ago

    the dominion of God is eternal life on a paradise earth lower than the guideline of Gods kingdom--no devil impression-- one needs to stroll the narrow cramped course that effects in this life--it truly is going to likely be an extremely demanding component to do it truly is why few will locate it. One needs to study Gods observe to study his will for us, and be conscious it to our conventional lives now--it takes years of demanding study a thanks to study maximum of it. yet there became also yet another factor Jesus stated in that truth--save on searching for first the dominion and his( Jehovah) righteousness, and all will be extra. Jehovah is Jesus,s God--rev 3:12 and Father a million cor 15:24-28--psalm 80 3:18.

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  • 9 years ago

    when we come to God through faith in Jesus we are made alive together with Christ alive spiritualy. why would this be what we seek FIRST? because we are all born into this world dead in our sins dead spiritualy. romans 5:12 receiving the offer of life (1 john 5:11,13)

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